Slam Poem #2

Final Exam Narrative

For a couple of weeks Smitty had been reminding me to write my senior Reflection, politely tapping me on the shoulder when ever I passed him in the halls, this did not speed up my process. It wasn’t until Smitty pulled me into stars office a week before I was set to speak and demanded a topic for my reflection. If I’m being honest I hadn’t given much thought into my reflection and as I thought an experience from my subconscious slipped out of my lips like a liquid strand of my thoughts, uncontrollable and honest. Something like, “um, I don’t know maybe like when I was in 6th grade and I didn’t get a prize but Tad and Hans did” filled the empty space in which my reflection should be. Mr. Smith didn’t complain about the unfinished idea but told me he loved it and to get to work. Confidence coursed through my veins that night as I slowly wrote my reflection, putting heart to paper, before I knew it my paper had taken some sort of shape. That morning Fitz took a look at the paper and added the true punch it needed, Ms. Libby and Star listened to the first version of the paper and gave me the feedback it needed. Looking back at this I can’t help but write about more than one teacher. Through my whole Fenn experience it has taken a group of people keep me going. Once the day came I got through the first couple minutes of my reflection just like I had practiced, I felt good, I began to call out the names of people who had helped me when I needed it, I felt my stomach lurch and my face redden, before I knew it I was crying in front of 400 people. I finished my reflection and walked off the stage to my seat. I was ashamed at crying and looked down at my feet waiting for the applause to stop, but it didn’t stop like normal, the whole school was clapping, supporting me just like the people I called out. Bonnie pulled me into a hug and Smitty told me I did a great job. Fenn isn’t perfect but on that day I felt the true might of my Fenn experience, a loving community that cares.



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