One Year

A Year

A Lot of Time to Learn


“A lot can happen in a year”

-Unknown Author

This year in english I learned a lot. Sure, I learned comma rules and punctuation better, but most importantly I learned how to write. I got to learn how to put down into text how I am feeling, and be a better writer. 

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Reflection on Beliefs

Considering Life

On My Beliefs


“All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others.” ― Douglas Adams

Life. Its not such an easy topic to address. Everyone has their own interpretations on how to take it to the extremes, and make the most of it. Everyone has their own guide, their own style, their own method. Life, just like speaking, is so complicated, but so simple, it is intuitive, yet impossible to boil down to a science. I can not speak for everyone, I can only reflect on what I know. I can only look outside at the birds and wonder what they can do, but I cannot experience flight. Thoreau could only speak from his experience, and I will speak on what I find to be universal truth.

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A Walk With Solitude

Just Behind the House

A Journey Unfolds

590359DD-B798-4056-A19F-38B4E07CD6D7“Anyone can take an adventure even if it's only in your own backyard. Let your imagination be your adventure and see where it takes you.”
Carmela Dutra


I decided to take a different route from my runs, and go behind my house into the woods. There are no trails, and the trees don’t provide much cover, as spring ended. The almost wave shaped mound of dirt was bare of large trees, mostly covered by saplings due to the angle. I almost twisted my ankle as my foot, while I wasn’t paying attention, went into a chipmunk hole. Luckily I was fine (even though it wouldn’t have been a big deal anyway). Continuing my walk I decided to head to towards the large pond. I traveled down, and found myself met with my first challenge, plants with thorns. They didn’t trouble me too much, but walking by them caused me to get a few small scratches...I should have worn sweatpants. The route evened out after a bit, and oddly many plants cleared out of the way, giving way to the hulking trees. The sun started to fade as clouds covered the sky, but I persisted on. A ridge of dirt, three feet fat on top, stretched along the ground, and I bounded up onto it. The trees didn’t disappear here, though there were smaller, and a few had fallen over. 


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So Startlingly Empty

A Run By School

No Ones There




Today I decided to run to Daniels house to wish him a happy birthday, an event for both him and me. 

The run was much shorter then expected, only being 6.2 miles there, and with my parents refusing to let me run back, it was only 6.2 miles. I also decided to take note of everything that happened, so I could recall it in a blog.

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My Sister Alexa

My Sister

(Photo Coming Soon...Maybe Not)

“What brothers say to tease their sisters has nothing to do with what they really think of them.” – Esther M. Friesner

It was a Wednesday morning, and I supposed to be driven to school by my sister that morning. I had something I could not miss it, it was important, what it was doesn’t matter. I made sure she was up, I made sure she was getting ready, and I left her to it; I had to be there. But she wasn’t there when we were supposed to leave, not until 15 minutes after did she climb into the car, too late to go to the event at 7:30. I was upset, and throughout most of the car ride we had a shouting match, going back and forth. It was brutal, and I had not been as mad at my sister in a long time. She was always late driving me in, she was never on time, but I gave her a specific time that was important to me, and she failed. She said she would be ready, and she wasn’t. I was pissed.



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A Reading Experience

A Reading Experience

One is Not Like the Other

6C46553A-BD88-4F1B-A6BC-8760CEA36AC6“So many books, so little time”- Frank Zappa

I have finished one book, and have been reading two others. “Why two” you ask, because the other one frankly sucked. I journeyed through three amazing books to get there, and I am rewarded with “this.” The story forgets the main character exists, and can actually do something. Think about it... one of the, if not THE strongest character is useless, and lost every fight in the first quarter, when he should have won them all easily.“Put Superman on the sidelines, give Deadman a chance against Apocalypse” the same person would shout. 


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School Day One

First Day Back

Rambling Thoughts, Recounting the Day

47E46199-F0AC-4F2A-9EA9-96FCC6E634C3“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”
Lao Tzu

Today I had an interesting day. I love the start time of school at 9:00, as I get to sleep in more. I got to make breakfast, and take my time without having to rush for any reason. I was glad to see everyone again, but at the same time I was almost bored with classes halfway through the day. I realize school is going to be weird, and I can do nothing about it. From Mr. Heinz I am going to learn how to make a guitar, but not in person, so it will be quite... Interesting. I get to see how a guitar is made, but I don’t get to do it myself.

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Thieves of Hope

The Thieves

(A True Story Exaggerated To The Extreme)



– THE FLY (1986)

    It was a halloween night, and all the bats were out, the moon hung high in the sky. An innocent house was standing, only the front entrance was lit, a bowl of candy at the door. Suddenly six eighth graders came out of the mist, stalking toward the bowl as a box of tic-tacs, a pineapple, an archeologist, a grim reaper, and a cowboy. The bowl said take one, but the power of words were not enough to stop them. They reached the bowl and all but two rushed toward the candy, taking multiple full size candies, the pineapple taking an insane amount, unthinkable, the tragedy and horror of the situation could be felt in the air. That night you could hear the cries of Andrew Pesce echoing throughout the night, the truly abhorrent act that took place shaking the world. One of the two who didn’t come at the bowl first, the archeologist, only took one, but that would not quell the rush of anger that would result from the groups actions. However, one person, with a sense of justice and a quality of righteousness beyond all others, the tic-tac, decided to take no candy, doing something to quell the soon to come wrath of Andre Pesce. The group left that house a broken mess, only three starbursts left, barely anything to the house’s name. The group moved on, and an unspoken promise was made by the house, one stating that revenge would come to those who caused this travesty.

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A Child’s Christmas In Wales

A Child’s Christmas In Wales

Writing Techniques Create Vibrancy 


“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” 

― Albert Einstein


    There is a reason for everything, you may just not know what it is. A movie is great because it has a great plot, a war is won because one side had better tactics, a sport is fun because it is challenging. A Child’s Christmas In Wales by Dylan Thomas is an enjoyable and memorable story because of how it utilizes sentence building techniques such as simile, metaphor, and muscular verbs to make vivid descriptions that bring the story to life.

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