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The Lanyard

Why I Chose my WW Fenn Poem

 Poetry may not be for everyone, but at The Fenn School, we have a poetry speaking contest that everyone participates in. This year, I was stumped while looking for a piece. I scrolled through poem after poem on the website, poemminer, that my English made for our class. I didn’t like any of the poems that I was scrolling through, and I scrolled through the entire website before I found the poem that I knew I wanted to do, The Lanyard. The Lanyard is a poem about a man remembering when he made a lanyard for his mother. He talks about how she gave him everything in life, and all that he could repay her with is a lanyard. The other poems had themes that were hidden, and themes that I could not relate to as much. The Lanyard was more straight forward than the other poems, and I could relate to it more than any of the other poems. Not being able to repay your mother, or someone in your life, is a universal theme that most people can relate to. The poems that I looked through before had important themes, but they didn’t have one, straightforward universal theme. I also like the way that the poem, The Lanyard, was written. It used language that I could understand, and it didn’t have hidden meanings. The Lanyard spoke to me from the first time that I read it through. It was the only poem that I felt like I fully understood, and the only poem that I related to. Now that I have started to memorize it, I like it even more, and I can’t wait to recite it.