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Three Poems

No Poem Crossed My Mind


As I thought for hours and hours,

No thoughts filled my head,

At the oak wood dining room table,

But my mind is empty,

And I have to make the best,

Of what I have left.


I got the idea of writing this poem from Fitz’s book Crows and Swallows. Once I had the idea, and got a grasp on the style of poetry that I wanted to use, the words of this poem flowed out easily. The message that I am trying to send with this poem is to always make the best of what you have, and that you can turn something simple into something good.


Who is this kid in the mirror


Already with his Celtics sweatshirt on,

Combing back his brown hair,

Buttoning down,

His blue colored shirt,

Making sure that his Nike shoes 

Are tied tight,

Throwing his North Face backpack,

Over his shoulders,

Ready for his long day at school,

With the same ritual everyday,

Like we all do.


Once we got the prompt for this poem in English class, it felt natural to write. I was writing about something that I knew well, myself, while also trying to add in a deeper meaning to the poem. After thinking for a while, I decided that the message I would try to convey was that many people go through the same ritual every morning, and sometimes everyday, and that sometimes it is good to change up your ritual.


The Wooden Table



With the light of the moon,

No sound can be heard,

Expect a pencil,

Dragging across the graph paper,

Trying to finish a task,

So simple, 

Yet so hard.


Meta: I was thinking of an idea for a poem for a while until I came up with this. I was having trouble trying to figure out what to write about, so I decided to write about something that I was doing that night—homework. The message that I was trying to convey was that completing a task may seem easy, but actual putting in the focus and effort to get it done can be hard.

Crows and Swallows

Three Poems That Worked For Me


    While searching through the book Crows and Swallows I found three poems that “worked” for me, and that I felt I had a good understanding of. The first poem that I found while scrolling through was Yesterday Did Not Become A Poem. Just from reading the title, I felt as if this would be a poem that I could understand and relate to. I always have trouble coming up with ideas for writing, and this poem sums it up perfectly. Also, this idea of not having something to write about ended up turning in to a poem with a great message. The second poem that I found was I Wish Life Was As Simple. I liked the metaphor of you wishing that life was as easy as a lawnmower, and I also liked how something as simple as a lawnmower turned in to a poem with a deeper meaning, which I felt like I understood. The last poem that I found was Too Damn Tired. This poem had a little bit more of a simplistic meaning that is similar to the first poem that I wrote about, Yesterday Did Not Become A Poem. The title caught my eyes at first, and then I read through it and I could relate to, and understand the meaning of being too tired to keep going.

Moby Dick Final Reflection

Coming in to ninth grade English, I was not excited to read Moby Dick. I had heard from many students that it was impossible to understand and that they had a terrible experience reading the book. That first point may be true, as I did not understand much of the book without reading outside sources, but I had a good experience reading this book. It helped teach me about myself and it helped teach me new vocabulary. In reading this book, I learned that I am able to persevere through challenges. If I did not work hard while reading this book, and if I did not persevere through all of the challenges that came with reading this book, I would not have taken anything away with me from reading Moby Dick. With all of the extra work that I put in to this book, I now have a general understanding of what the book is about, and now I can say that I read Moby Dick. I can also say that I learned a lot of new vocabulary and got a better understanding of how to read a book that is a “classic.” Reading on the Power of Moby Dick website helped me with the vocabulary words, and it helped me understand the book more than I would have, even though saying that I truly understood the book would be a lie. Moby Dick was a challenge, but it was a challenge that I accepted and persevered through.