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As I walk through the tree-covered forest, the smell of pine fills the air. My golden retriever, Finn, walks by my side as we make the 30 minute walk through the dirt paths of the Acton Arboretum. While my day is usually made up of video games, TV and playing sports, this time I have walking my dog is a nice way to get away from everything and think. Think about school, friends, and about all of the nature that surrounds me. We live in an age where technology makes up most of our lives and this time that I have walking in the woods and disconnecting from a device is a rarity. We are so focused on staying up to date on social media that we forget how good it feels to be alone with nature. I have never thought about how special this time walking through the Acton Arboretum is to me, but now I realize how important it is for me to disconnect and see the beauty of nature. Devices may control our lives, but we all need a break.


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I like how you write that disconnecting from technology helps you connect to nature and yourself. Nice post.

Michael L

Timmy, I definitely agree with the last line of yours, and this piece was overall very strong and great and interesting to read. You put in the denial to draw the reader in!


This is a really great post. I love your conclusion. It wraps up your post very succinctly. Nice job!

Michael A

Great post Timmy. You wrote this very well. Props to you for going to a place like this. Great job Timmy.

Rain Yang

This is really good, you have lots of descriptions in the writing and I love the use of words. You referred back to yourself at the end of the wiritng to conclude how it was special to you. Well done.

Andy Barton

I like how you talk about taking a break from everything and just setting some time to take a walk. I agree that it is important to spend time in nature. Good job!


This is a good post Timmy, unlike others you went out of your way to go somewhere and really reflect on your experience there. Nice post.


This is a good reflection saying how sometimes we need to take a break from our normal day activities to take a break and relax.

McCliff Metellus

Great post Timmy. A really good reflection and I like the ending especially.

Fru nkimbeng

Good job on this Timmy.

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