Slam Poem

3 Minute Slam Poem

Homework in the third term,

Do teachers not understand?

When we walk around the halls of this campus,

School is not on our mind.

Our high school is already determined,

But the teachers don’t care.

We are all done with school,

But the teachers keep up the workload,

“This will prepare you for high school,” they say,

But I am already prepared.

We walk on this campus,

With all the white and black buildings,

Not to keep learning,

But to enjoy our last days together.

No one wants work,

But teachers never loosen up.

Do they expect us to still care?

Do they expect us to still try?

How are we supposed to stay focused,

When next year is the only thing on our minds.

We’re on a senior slide they say, 

But they don’t understand.

When we are in class,

We don’t want to learn,

We are just thinking,

About going back home.

What’s the point of exams,

We say to them.

We’re retaking ninth grade,

Haven’t we been through enough?

“This is high school,” they say,

But when will they learn,

This is definitely not high school.

This is a middle school,

If anything.

We are still looking forward to our high school days,

Not looking back at our first year.

Fenn is a great place,

And it has been my home for 6 years,

But I am ready to move on,

Same with everyone in our grade.

Ninth grade has been one to remember, 

But it is ninth grade.

Not freshman year,

Not the first year of high school,

Just ninth grade.

And in the third term of ninth grade,

We are not looking to learn more material.

We are looking to spend the last of our time together,

Playing spikeball and enjoying ourselves.

But with nights filled with homework,

And the third term filled with tests and studying for exams,

We are doing everything but having fun.

They think we still care,

About this thing called school.

But no we don’t,

They just don’t understand.


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