Thoreau’s Views on Charity
Sonnet #1

Blank Verse Poem



The frozen snow dropped down from the white clouds,

The fresh powder covered the brown dirt ground,

The only sound was a chirping blue jay,

The little boy darted out of his house,

Little feet were imprinted in the snow,

He jumped up and down, happy as can be,

Smiling at every bird and squirrel in sight,

At last his favorite time of year had come.


This was the happiest that he had been,

But nobody was with him by his side,

No friends, no siblings, not a soul to be found,

This little boy hanging out by himself,

After a while he just started to sulk,

But then something appeared out of the house,

It was not a kid or a parent there,

It was a furry dog full of energy.


There will not always be someone right there,

But there will always be dog for you,

As humans, we do not deserve these dogs,

But they are still always awaiting you


While this boy had no one to play there with,

His dog is always there to cheer him up,

Right away he forgot the disappointment,

The boy does not need anybody else.



I thought this poem was going to be much harder to write than it actually was. I just looked at it and got intimidated, but after I got the first couple of lines down, it just started flowing. I tried my best to use the stressed and unstressed words, but I could not always get it to be perfect. Other than not always getting the “da-doom’s” correct, I thought that it was easier than I expected, but it was still difficult to write.



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