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The Art of Racing in the Rain

Persistence, Communication, Inspiration


The true hero is flawed. The true test of a champion is not whether he can triumph, but whether he can overcome obstacles.

~Garth Stein in The Art of Racing in the Rain 

You wake up to the emphatic, deafening sound of a Ferrari 250 Pontoon Testa roaring down your quiet street. You press your face against the window, as the car swerves out of control. The driver demonstrates great poise, and grit as he redirects the vehicle, and drives off into the distance. In the book, The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein, Denny approaches his seemingly unmanageable life with the moxie and persistence it takes to find balance during hardship. The power of perseverance and the intricacies of communication are well established, and profound intellectual motifs in the book that inspire me to reassess the themes in my life. 

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Nana: A Life Well Lived


It would be a boring life if I didn’t pursue my passion

~Mary Barbara (Nana)

In life, some people are given opportunity, but others have to create their own. Creating your own opportunities takes creativity and determination.

    My great grandmother, a woman who I called Nana, was an inspiring figure in my life. Nana is an example of a strong woman who determined the course of her own future. Nana was born in 1916, to an Irish working class family. She had three brothers, all of whom were sent to college. Nana was brilliant, and incredibly hard working, but because of her family’s financial situation, and because she was a woman, she couldn’t attend college like her brothers.

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Fast Break: A Powerful Friendship

More than a game


Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.

~Tennessee Williams

I love writing, especially writing poetry. One of my favorite poems is Fast Break by Edward Hirsch. I was first introduced to this poem two years ago on the show Poetry in America. I was intrigued by this episode initially because of the star studded group of former NBA players who join the host and author to discuss this poem. Ultimately, my love for basketball was not what kept me watching, but rather my excitement for writing. 

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The Power of Voice

Using your platform 


We will not shut up and dribble. That’s the last thing we’ll do. 

~LeBron James

Use your voice. NBA player LeBron James is a living example of how to live out this value. LeBron’s impact stretches far beyond the basketball court. LeBron will ultimately be remembered for his profound impact both on and off the court because of his choice to be an activist.

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