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The Power of Diversity

~Timmy Smith  


A lot of different flowers make a bouquet.

~Islamic Proverb

When I first moved to Concord in 2009, I was amazed by all the sights and sounds of this new suburban world. Being two and a half years old, and coming from New York, Concord felt like the most rural place on earth. I was riveted by the wildlife, the (lack of) people, and the puny two-story buildings. What delighted me the most, perhaps, was the Concord Public Library. You see, I don’t recall ever seeing a library prior to this one, so the idea of a place to get books for free was brand new to me. New York City had libraries, pretty famous ones at that, but I had just never seen nor recognized them as libraries. I couldn’t read, of course, but I was still in awe of this building with books lined from head-to-toe. There was everything from textbooks, which at that time I didn’t know I would come to dread, to children’s books that I wanted to have read to me at bedtime. I couldn’t believe that a place could have such a wide variety of things, let alone books. With the act of bringing me to the library, whether it was subconscious, or simply a brilliant idea, my parents introduced me to diversity. Through these books, I learned of new people, stories, and ideas I had never dreamt of. This opened my eyes to an exciting world. 

          Concord is obviously not the most racially diverse town, but as the years passed by, I made many friends with many different interests and family backgrounds. Even as a young boy, I recognized the importance of diversity in my life. By making friends with as many kids as I could, I was exposed to different activities and ideas which made my young life more interesting and exciting. As I look back on this, I understand how this is important in all phases of life, regardless of age.

          In the fourth grade, I transitioned from the Concord Public Schools to Fenn. I was given the opportunity to explore diversity more deeply. I was a consistent participant in DEI meetings, and enjoyed discussing and learning about things like other cultures, and ideas about diversity, equity, and inclusion that I had never considered before. Just like in my young childhood, I sought out ways to add diversity to my life through listening to other people’s experiences. In this time, I truly learned the importance of valuing diversity, whether it be racial, religious, or cultural. I realized that if someone can understand another person’s life experiences, they can better support them if they are hurt by injustice. At Fenn, I have learned what a strong community looks like, and how it relies on having and valuing unique and diverse perspectives from community members. 

          This year, I applied to high schools. This experience was full of fun, stress, fatigue, and excitement. At the start of the application process, I was immediately attracted to boarding schools, even though I would be a day student. At boarding schools, students come from all over the world, and have different life experiences. I wanted to attend a school where everyone’s voice was unique because a community is stronger, and more interesting when every member has something different to contribute. At Fenn, I learned that within diverse communities, it is important that everyone’s differences are respected, and, most importantly, valued. Many prejudices that foster discrimination are created through devaluing differences. Getting to know people who are different from us helps us to appreciate our differences, but also helps us to recognize our similarities. When you become friends with someone from a different race, religion, or gender who has experienced discrimination, their story becomes more personal to you. Mistreatment is always upsetting and a reason to take action, but when you know someone personally who has been treated unjustly, you are driven to work even harder for change. It is important to me to work for the celebration of diversity at my next school because I believe in a ripple effect. One inclusive community might not change the world, but it will certainly influence it.

          Since that day in the library, I have gone on to learn the true power of diversity. I have learned that diversity brings beauty and life to an imperfect world, making it a wonderful and vibrant place.


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Sam Elliott

Timmy, I really enjoyed reading your essay, and I liked how you described the changes in your life, as you moved from one school to another. Great job!

JP Ward

Great essay Timmy! I loved your connection from first moving to Concord, to the public library, and to moving schools and while doing that roping diversity all into it. Nicely done.

JJ Oldershaw

This is amazing, Timmy! Your opening paragraph is so detailed and rich! It flows nicely with the concept of diversity, and helps lead the reader to the following paragraphs. The story you tell of the the things you value and that hold significance in your life is truly inspiring to read!

Tal Richmond

Great essay! I liked how you explained your experience with schools and diversity. I also liked how you built the story from when you were 2 and a half, all the way to the present. Great job!

David P

The way you told a part of your life story using diversity was really great! The chronology was clear and helped with the essay a lot.

Braeden Moitoso

Timmy this is a great essay, I loved the way you were able to tie diversity into switching schools I also love how descriptive you were with your experience.
Great job

Spencer Harnden

Timmy this is a really good essay. I think you did a really good job tying switching schools to diversity. You were very descriptive with your writing, and I think you conclusion really hits this essay home.


Great essay Timmy! I liked how you took experiences from when you were little and moved to Concord all the way to now when you applied to high schools and connected these to diversity. This is very well written and the conclusion is powerful. Great job!

Alex Chayrigues

Great work, you do a great job at talking about the differences from going from city to country then public to private school and how the diversity of those two different situations has made you a better person.


I like how you lined up diversity in your life like a timeline.

Jerry Li

Great essay! I like how you told your story in a chronological order. This was detailed and well written. Great job.

Gabe Fonte

Wow Timmy, great essay. I really enjoyed how your essay wasnt only about diversity, but you added your life stories in there. Great piece!


Wow Tim! I really loved this essay. You did a great job of explaining how Fenn helped you learn about diversity. Great job!


Great work Timmy! I liked how you used a personal experience and how a library opened your eyes to diversity. Well done.


I learned a lot of new things about you in this article. Especially that you lived in NYC and you did great job of describing your feeling of Concord. Great job!

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