All Quiet on the Western Front

Timmy Smith Fenn Video Memoir



Throughout my Fenn experience, I have always had someone by my side to support me through the trials and tribulations that came my way. 

In a year truly unlike any other, characterized by constant struggle and unrest, our Fenn cohort came together to ease the burden on our shoulders, by collectively making sense of the world around us. 

The year would have been virtually unbearable if we didn’t understand that our friends would be there to pick us up after we fall. 

Now, as the curtains begin to close on my Fenn journey, I look back and smile upon the memories I made with my friends. 

Fenn has helped me flourish, and has prepared for my next chapter in life. 


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JP Ward

Wow it’s been such a great year. I’m sure you’ll do wonderful at Groton.

Tal Richmond

Great video about our cohort and how Fenn has prepared you for your next chapter of life. You used great videos and images that relate to your voice.


Nice work! It has been a great but challenging year.


Great video Timmy! It’s been such a great year a even with cohorts, and you did a great job of showing that. You’re audio was also very good and made the video more enjoyable. Great job!

Gabe Fonte

Great video Timmy! This had a very great meaning and it had super clear audio, great work!

JJ Oldershaw

Wow Timmy! This video is so powerful and heartfelt! It’s hard to comprehend that our Journey at Fenn has come to an end! Great work!

Spencer Harnden

Great video Timmy! This has really good audio, and your words are very thoughtful and meaningful.


Great video Timmy! You did a great job of showing how this year was different with cohorts and COVID, but it was still a great year with great friendships. The audio and photos were also great. Great job!

Jerry Li

Great video! This video was very meaningful and the images were great

David P

I liked how you focused on reflecting, and then looking forward. It made the video really good. The transcript was a nice touch.


This is a great video Timmy, not only is it good quality but I can also tell you put a lot of effort into this assignment.
Great job


I like how you included the script at the bottom


I like how you talked about the next chapter in your life. Great work Tim!

Alex Chayrigues

Great video Timmy! Your words were so powerful and it showed that you putt great effort into this project.

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