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IT Stephen King Review #2



                          “We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.” -Stephen King


     What makes a book strange? The book, IT, by Stephen King, is very strange. It’s not just that random people see the book, and needs to ask, “what book is that?”, I don’t say that the book is called IT, because they usually think I’m messing with them or being annoying. So I just say, “its Stephen King”, and they seem to get it.

     While reading Stephen King, it brings up a lot of old memories about the other Stephen King book I read. Which was The Shining, and mainly because it was very weird. And the themes were fairly different, because they had many differences within the book, IT says more about friendships and relationships while dealing with conflict. The Shining definitely had themes like that too. I prefer the book It mostly because I like the themes and storyline better. A creepy Shapeshifting clown that scares and eats children. Rather than a creepy serial murderer. The book, IT is laid out very well that for the most part it keeps you interested throughout the 1,153 pages it has to stay interested within

     This book has a lot of meaning, and throughout the book it explores many different themes and ideas. A lot of stuff happens. I like that it has a lot of plot and story because it allows you to learn more about the story and get more “into” the story because you know more about the scene of the book and what’s happening. This book isn’t that scary, but more mature. It has many “deep” plot-driven chapters. A lot of plot, but mostly a lot of exiting reading.

     This book isn’t all horror, and I think Stephen King wrote this book, for more of the story and mystery and rather from the gruesome death scenes. The strangeness of this book separates it from others and makes it a well-known book. It’s not weird, it’s strange. 

Weekly post #????

My experience downloading a videogame(what fun!)



”If people were influenced by video games, than most Facebook users would be farmers by now”

     Two weeks ago I was downloading a brand new Xbox game I just ordered from internet shopping. Internet shopping, like amazon, is way better than physical you know.... Human interaction.... First of all you miss all of those creepy shady people and stuff you read about and people make vines of. Really, it looks funny on screen but if you were there. Woah, trust me, you won’t want to ever go into the bright world again (outside). And lastly but not lastly, (Because I want to get this going), there’s the lines. Human lines are worse that the lines in jigsaws facial features. Believe me, I’m patient, but it’s very awkward for a kid like me to stand in line with an “all included” game in my hand while all the parents shoot me nasty looks. Oh and speaking of under age gaming, when you shop online you don’t have to dress up and look like some sort of shady emo-kid so they don’t ask for your ID. Which I don’t have.

     So I get the game and download it, it takes two days. Yunno, The usual. So I’m watching some bad movie on Netflix to pass the time when a little box pops up that says, “You need more storage space, so delete one of your brothers favorite games that you never play” or at least that’s what I thought it said. So that is exactly what I did. I went on to games section on the Xbox. I uninstalled all to Fortnite. That should be a move in like street fighter or something. “Finish him!....scroll....scroll....scroll...Scorpio used uninstall all!”.

      I put in the second storage disc because that’s how much storage it took up. When it finished I considered smashing the storage disc with a hammer or something but relished that I could sell it to some loser who through it away thinking it’s a tutorial instructions or something like that. So I log into the game and it asks if i wanted a tutorial. I say no like every other non-stepdad person in the world. So I get into the game. I spawn in. I walk around the open world for like five seconds and then get run over by a horse and carriage. The screen goes white and than black and than says in big red letters DEAD. “Ya i could tell, but thanks for clarifying”. But honestly, it’s one of my favorite parts of the game when you die, and I die a lot. You respawn and some of you money is taken away. It doesn’t matter how you die. You will be robbed of some of your money. Even if a bear whacks you, he takes like twenty dollars to buy whatever bears bought back then. You can be killed than robbed by horses, creepy men in the savanna swamp, crocodiles, protestors, children, old people, really anything. Seems a bit excessive.

Stephen Kings IT overview 1

What is It?


“Want a balloon?” -Pennywise, Stephen King 

     It is a shape shifting creature that was created from the wonderful mind of Stephen King. This creature has few known facts about it which is what makes this monster so mysterious. As the losers find out in the story, It cannot be killed physically or by some sort of silver bullet idea. It often shows in the form of a clown, named pennywise, this is believed to lure children into pennywises midsts so it can offer a more frightening reveal. It feeds by eating children when they are scared. Pennywise often doesn’t just appear to scare and eat people but to linger around, such as when in the book, right before the second interlude pennywise is seen helping the police capture some wanted thieves. From pennywises past habits this was a little confusing for me, so why did Stephen King add this?

Reading reflection

IT Reflection 1



“Kill you all!" The clown was laughing and screaming. "Try to stop me and I'll kill you all! Drive you crazy and then kill you all! You can't stop me!” -page 740, IT by Stephen King


    Throughout the past week, I have read a lot about Maine and 1950. This reading has been exciting and scary. After all, I’m reading IT by Stephen King. It is a fictional horror book and is 1,300 or so pages long. Over the week I read 516 pages. I finished the first two interludes. I am currently at the end of “the apocalyptic rock fight”. The first interlude was very exciting and dove into the past of the Creepy Pennywise the clowns past events and killings. Like the death of George, Adrian Mellon, and the iron works Easter egg hunt. There are a lot of great parts in it that the movie adaptation was missing.


   The second interlude was based around the reunion of the kids before you even met them. The book it set up with the second interlude, a sequel; before the prequel, which is the third interlude. This part of the book was pretty boring and sort of dragged on when all the characters receive their phone calls from Mike that IT is back. This part drags on because there is a lot of plot and information and not a lot of action. The book starts out with a lot of action and sort of dulls out as the book progresses until the reunion.


   The reunion was very interesting and also very brutal. Possibly one of the strangest parts of the book so far. This is because during this part, when the kids are all grown up, the clown needed to scare them when they were grown up so the clown resorted to some terrible things.


   This book has been very exciting and offers a lot of detail. Detail for many people can bore them, but I think it lets you picture the story better. Picturing the story in your mind is why most people read stories and novels in the first place. So a little more detail isn’t going to end you Dead.  (Little detail: over nears 500,000).

Exam writing


Reflection On To Build A Fire



“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” -Fredrich  Nietzsche


     The true survival of man is based on willingness to survive. In the story, To Build A Fire, by Jack London, explores the theme of confidence and hope of survival. This book displayed what human perspective is really about, and that while the reader hopes for the best for the characters. It forces you to think about the story in their shoes. 

    “Well, he was bound to freeze anyway, and he might as well take it decently. With this new-found peace of mind came the first glimmerings of drowsiness. A good idea, he thought, to sleep off to death. It was like salting an anaesthetic. Freezing was not so bad as people thought. There were lots worse ways to die.”-To build a fire, by Jack London

      The short story was about a man who was going into the cold wilderness with his friends on a trip. The man wanted to take a different longer route than his friends and meet up with them at the campsite later. He faces the cold toughly at 75 degrees below zero. He meets a dog, which the dog, in instincts follows the man, for knowing that he would be able to find warmth and food. The man falls in the water and makes a fire hoping to warm hisself enough to keep going and survive. The fire goes out after many attempts and the man starts to lose hope. He gets up and tries to run the way to camp, hoping that it will warm his enough to make it back to camp. He was warming up running but he couldn’t run forever and had to slow down. He slowly started at the feeling that he wouldn't be able to make it and die on the trail. He finally gave out and fell to the ground losing all hope for survival. 

     This book was great from start to finish. Hoping that he would make it back to camp, but losing hope for him as more challenges face him. I felt a lot of emotions similar to the man in the story, in that we were both losing hope. The dog wasn’t supposed to show us e relationship between the two creatures. The dog was showing us that it’s our emotions that really hurt us. Not the cold.

     The will to survive is really the major theme of this book. The chances that the man would survive was possible but he couldn’t bring himself to believing that  reality through to the end. That is what separates us from the animals. To be able to think that we wouldn’t make it. 



American Tradition?


                                               “Tradition is the illusion of permanence” -Woody Allen


    Traditions are a key part of bringing a family together. They shape who we all are and what your family is all like. Christmas is a holiday that is widely celebrated and appreciated in the country we live in. People love it so much. Why do they love it? Is it the presents, well you have birthdays, the winter spirit, you have New Years or Hanukkah, the giving, well what did I say for birthday. Maybe it’s about all those different joyous things  coming together.

     When I see this happening, it makes me wonder why Christmas is so much more popular in society than halloween or Easter Sunday. I am not religious, but I know what Christmas is about and what it’s supposed to be about. Some holidays are religious and some are regional. So why do we have a that much time of vacation off work or school. Many colleges have months off. And the televisions being graffitied with Christmas commercials. “Two dollars off Santa shaped bath soap! Now for only sixteen dollars plus shipping and handling!”

     I believe that Christmas was adapted by people and family’s to make them happy and to enjoy family and friends. Although with adaptation, It’s a little disappointing to see the advantages money grubbing companies take of people for extra money. And that throughout years, the holiday escapes the true meaning of the birth of Jesus and to celebrate it, giving joy.

     Many people think of Christmas as “A time to get that new PlayStation game” but it really isn’t. If this theme keeps up, in ten years, I don’t even know if Christmas will be the name of the holiday. So when celebrating Christmas, never take your mind off the true meaning even if some people want you to. 

Short story reflection

What happened at the occurance at Owl Creek bridge



“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of interpretation.” -Unknown




     Interpretation is what makes a story great. When I read this story I was always wondering what would happen next and what was happening now. The occurrence at owl creek ranch is all about interpretation. Your mind is the only thing between you and certain death. It is capable of unthinkable things. 


    The story is about a confederate soldier during the civil war who was captured by the union and was about to be hanged at Owl Creek bridge. As he walked sorrily to the gallows, seeing others getting slaughter around him. When he got there he concentrated all his thoughts on his family as the noose slid around his neck. And as the door was pulled, the unthinkable happened. He managed to free his hands and escape. He fell into the river beneath the gallows and swam away while the union soldiers angrily fired at him. He escaped back home saw his wife at his doorstep. He ran up to hug her and right when he did. He started choking and died. 


    I really liked this story because it was very exiting and thrilling. I was always exited to know what would happen next throughout the whole story from exposition to resolution. Th ending was very interesting that it let me interpret what happened and why. Why he started choking at the end and if he really did escape. Was it a hallucination?, afterlife? The story let me think for myself and not just telling me what to think and view the story as.


    This story is no fairy tale. It is as sad as it is meaningful. The allegory makes you think about what death really is. And what happened is a mystery from the words of the page. Although the reader can interpret what happened in there own mind and that is what actually makes this story exiting.


Hard times narrative paragraph

The power of hard times


                                 “The darkest hour has only sixty minutes.” -Morris Mandel


     I have many great story’s about hard times. There is so many to choose from. Many seem to have great endings including perseverance or bravery. And they all have some sort of reward or good result at the end of it all. I don’t want to write about one of those. I’m writing about a time where it didn’t end up very well although it did shape me to be a different person entirely.

    Five years back. I went to the Lincoln Public School. I didn’t have many friends and most of the teachers and students I didn’t get along with. I got in trouble with the teachers a lot. It was a very different environment than I’m in now that I didn’t really seem to fit in with anything. The schoolwork and my activities seemed easy and from the outside it would look fine. My parents and friends thought that I was having I fine time from the look at it.

     And when I finally left, no one even said bye. I know this sounds dramatic, but the experience even though it was terrible, I somehow came out a better person. And I had the feeling that at my new school, I could make better friends and have a better time.

     This story didn’t exactly have a physically good outcome. Because when I left the school and went to the new school, everyone was so much different that is was almost hard to believe.

     The way that the school changed me, made it very hard to adjust and to this day I still don’t think I have fully adjusted from the environments.

     This experience made me rethink how I want to act. And I act very differently at home than at school or at summer camp. I have been given many chances to better myself and I believe that these chances have more than an lasting effect.


Meaning of Thanksgiving 



“There is always something to be thankful for.” -unknown


     When would someone give thanks? To your waiter at a restaurant? Maybe to your cab driver. Or for a favor done by someone. We all have used this word in our life. But something we don’t think about is why. To be polite? Or you are just being nice.

    A holiday that comes up every year is Thanksgiving. It has a different meaning to everyone who celebrates it. Could it mean to give thanks to your thank you’s which people anywhere give you. To give thanks to the reason you have things to be thankful for.

     As many people celebrate the Holliday differently, they all know it has to do with thanks. Because it’s in the name. It doesn’t matter who you see or what you do, we all know that basic fact. That it’s about giving and thanks. Which are the morals and truth to the holiday. There is not much society explains about this holiday. Because it has a deeper meaning that no one can ever effect.

     Giving in general is another word we all know what it’s about. To give is like the thank you you give to someone who was nice to you. To give is donate to someone who is struggling. To give is to be truthful and pleasant to be around. It is a moral trait that everyone has whether or not it’s done on purpose. And whether or not you wanted it to, it will effect something or someone else.

    Many people celebrate different holidays wherever you live. But as human life continues to exist, It is our holiday.

Horror story 2-1

Not Your Brother 



                 “It's sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew” -unknown




     Warm trickling blood runs down the Ferns leaves, the drops slowly drip of onto the pine needle littered ground. Small puddles of blood form under the leaves as the red liquid runs down. The body, chest forward pinned to an old cherry tree. In the middle of the lovely woods, where no one even dares look upon.

     Johnny’s sister was 19 years old and was moving onto college. That year she was just accepted into Union college in New York. They lived in lower Pennsylvania with there mom and dad. It was three weeks before she left for college and then would be gone forever. Little did she know that it was going to be much sooner than that.

     Emily, Johnny’s sister, was left to watch Johnny that night since there parents went out to dinner. Johnny, being eight, wanted to go outside and explore. Johnny kept bugging her and she kept answering, “no, it’s to dark out. You should be going to bed soon anyway.” After 20 minutes of arguing, Johnny finally went to bed.

     Emily was downstairs watching TV when Johnny came sprinting down the stairs with his shoes on and ran right outside. Emily got up and ran after him. Johnny ran across the street, behind there neighbors house, and into the lovely woods. It was really dark and nearing pitch black. Emily kept running until she couldn’t hear him anymore. She started to loose control. As she stopped to think of what to do next, she heard a crunch of leaves behind her.

     She around and saw a man in a blood soaked blue shirt and pants. They were Johnny’s clothes. She looked into its face and saw the scared, sorry eyes she saw in her little brother Johnny the same day when their father left them forever. He was seven feet tall and strangely muscular. A stab wound was engraved in his chest with a foot long knife still in it. The man took out the knife in his stomach and swung at her. She didn’t have time to scream before she saw the knife swinging right for her neck.


Tom Sawyer: Literary Analysis Essay

What it’s like to be young....



“Who goes there?” “Tom Sawyer, the Black Avenger of the Spanish Main. Name your names.” “Huck Finn the Red-Handed, and Joe Harper the Terror of the Seas.” Tom had furnished these titles, from his favorite literature. “Tis well. Give the countersign.” Two hoarse whispers delivered the same awful word simultaneously to the brooding night: “Blood!”. Then Tom tumbled his ham over the bluff and let himself down after it, tearing both skin and clothes to some extent in the effort. There was an easy, comfortable path along the shore under the bluff, but it lacked the advantages of difficulty and danger so valued by a pirate.”

-The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain 


    Character building is a key part of a young life. Being in adolescence is really when a persons traits start to form and take shape. Every person in the world has been young or is young and each of them has a story. A story of how they build their character to be how they are. In this story, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, shows the character building of a young boy who you would never expect to Change in the way he did.

     Childhood is a key part of identity building and maturity. In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, Toms experiences  with others throughout the book change how he views his town and the world. The book starts out with Tom as a boy, a troublemaking, adventure having boy. But throughout the book, and throughout his experiences with friends, family, and foes, he begins his journey to manhood. When Tom and Huck Finn witness the murder in the graveyard they are still kids. They are still drunk on blissful adolescence, but seeing the killer, and knowing he’s free sobers them. It gets even worse when an innocent man is wrongfully convicted. When he decided to break his promise and stand up for Muff Potter in court he was definitely already leagues more mature than he was at the start of the book, because of his knowledge of the real killer and his willingness to possibly sacrifice his life to save another. 

 “Tom glanced at Injun Joe's iron face and his tongue failed him. The audience listened breathless, but the words refused to come. After a few moments, however, the boy got a little of his strength back, and managed to put enough of it into his voice to make part of the house hear: "In the graveyard!”

As the book goes on Tom is also becomes more honest, especially when he tells his Aunt the truth about how he went into the house and almost slipped the bark containing the truth about his time on the island into her coat, but kept it instead. He went from a generally unlivable character, who was an immature child, to a mature teenager. Through the rest of the novel Tom grows and learns from his mistakes and the mistakes of others. He comes to realize that he can’t be a better person without doing what he is told, and what is expected of him. He does his best to protect his friends and family, from saving Becky from the cave to revealing Injun Joe’s guilt, and he matures to become the best person he can.

     Without bravery we would still be in the Stone Age. Tom shows lots of bravery. Tom exerts many true actions of bravery. In the way he matures his courage throughout the book to be a more powerful person. Through his adventures with his friends he learns and faces conflict with them. He finds out his true self in a way that made him see who he really wanted to be as a boy. After getting lost in the cold, dark cave in the aftermath of the party, Tom and Becky’s courage is tested. They huddle by their candle as the flame burns lower their fear growing as the dark threatens to swallow them. When their last candle burns out, and they can’t see Tom knows that he can’t continue huddling in the dark so he sets out to save Becky and himself. When he first gathers the courage to start exploring for a way out he is surprised to find the thing that has plagued his nightmares throughout the book; Injun joe, the towns wanted murderer. Even with this knowledge, Tom gathers the courage to search for an exit, and eventually finds one.

    “He stepped forward to go to his punishment the surprise, the gratitude, the adoration that shone upon him out of poor Becky’s eyes seemed pay enough for a hundred floggings. Inspired by the splendor of his own act, he took without an outcry the most merciless flaying that even Mr. Dobbins had ever administered; and also received with indifference the added cruelty of a command to remain two hours after school should be dismissed—for he knew who would wait for him outside till his captivity was done, and not count the tedious time as loss, either.”[-page 242]

Tom shows bravery in the face of many tough choices throughout the book, including the page Becky rips, and the cave that he’s trapped in for days on end. It is this bravery, that becomes Tom’s greatest tool, without it, he would give up like Becky in the cave, or he would sit there as she was flogged. Instead, he finds his way out and that’s something very few people could do.    As family and companionship are important, bravery by standing up to your emotions is  what this book is about. You need to be brave to stand up to your authorities. You need to be brave to go home when you are having such a great time were you are. You need to be brave when you take a whipping for something you didn’t do for love. As my point is made, bravery is very important and a key part of the book, Tom Sawyer.

     This book covers major qualities in life as in Tom Sawyer. He is brave, honest, loved, and surprisingly overall he is a troublemaker. These quality’s to me are some of the most important stem quality’s to a person. They all branch off to make other qualities like joy and kindness and courageousness. This book made a way of inspiring its readers to be the best people they can be by making Tom be the best he can be. It shows how a boy who doesn’t want to grow to show his true traits. Actually does, and it changes him into a different person inside out. The book shows this boy growing what in my opinion, stem traits, which are bravery, Honesty, and empathy. They branch out to other traits like kindness, courage, and thoughtfulness.

     This book showed a tough troublesome boy transform and his pathway and experiences that caused it to happen.