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The Power of Tradition


“Remember that life’s greatest lessons are usually learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes”


     Community’s grow on the vine of tradition. It forms community’s and makes them stronger. Traditions are a way to remember the past and learn from it. They are often essential to the survival of a community as more people come and go. The members leaving their mark on the community as well as members subsequent to them.  


    Fenn is a community that has survived along time. Almost a century now. Fenn as well as many other schools have been striving away from traditions because of the changing of curriculum and culture. However as a result we have abandoned some essential traditions. Traditions that mean a lot to the  students even if they are undemanding of time or work.  It makes everyone feel more included and part of the Fenn community. 


    One tradition I would like to keep is Senior Pen and Paper, where members of the Senior class hang out in the headmasters garage on Fridays. This tradition is very important because it helps bond the class and bring the students closer together because their is no teachers telling them what to do. Students bond with one another much easier if they are alone. And feeling responsible for themselves and others. This aspect of school life that has gotten more and more scarce throughout the years. And that is why senior classes have had a harder time bonding. One switching the class bonding trip to Belknap, which is known to be strict. And second, declaring all these rules around school and students being alone with their peers. 


    These new rules are voiding class bonding and growth as people. Kids are supposed to learn from their mistakes and be scolded by their peers.  But when the teachers only do it these students will never grow up. I’ve seen this for myself, so we must make a change.