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Adam Aronovitz reflection

Themes in book 4

Fear in the Odyssey


“And fate? No one alive has ever escaped it,neither brave man nor coward, I tell you--it's born with us the day that we are born.” -Odyssey 


    Fear can be your biggest danger. Fear can determine whether or not you survive. Sometimes it makes you think twice when you don’t even need to think once. It 


    Telemachus fears the danger of the voyage ahead of him. He fears his father may be dead and he fears nothing will ever be the same. Throughout the book Telemachus has visited many of his fathers friends palaces and feasted with them. They told Telemachus of their war stories and about how harsh the gods can be. He gets worried for his voyage ahead, for the dangers ahead of him will be unrelenting and cruel. Penelope is afraid of her husbands death or survival and can’t push the suitors out as a result.


    Fear can have a major effect on your decisions and success. It plays into whether or not you are willing to do something. And the risks involved with it. Risking a lot for a little is the theme of fear. However it can be somewhat questionable whether or not the worries are realistic. 


    The theme of fear in the first couple books of the odyssey is seen in both Telemachus and Penelope. It’s a great theme to add to this symbolistic story.