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When having a bad day, a friend can be there for support. Even if it’s just a joke or a fun conversation, friends can make everything better. If a class isn’t going well, or if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, a friend can change your mood.

it was a horrible Friday, I just took a math test, and did horrible, I trudged through the halls, holding back tears, my grade was going to fall immensely. But then something saved me, and that was my friend Charlie, he caught up to me in the halls, and sorted things out. He pointed out that his day wasn’t going that great either, but he still stuck through. After hearing this, my thoughts changed, I was no longer panicking about what my math grade would change to, but instead how I would study better, and fix the problem. 

When Charlie enlightened my day, by being optimistic, it made me feel a whole lot better. He showed me how a day could turn out, if you look on the bright side. A friend can carry you to success, if they stick by you, and look out for you. Charlie saw me upset, and took action, because that’s what friends do.

Even in the worst of days, having a chat with your friends, can make it a whole lot better.




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Nick Brady

Everyone has optimistic thoughts, but they are sometimes shrouded by negative ones. It’s amazing how all it took was for Charlie to say a couple sentences to bring that optimism out, and improve your day for the better.


Friends can really change the way we think. I liked how you talked about how little he did but in the end it really sky rocketed how your day was going. Your story was realtable with the theme of the math test (that I also didn’t o to well on) overall this was a great piece, good job!

Rory Kennealy

Friends will always be there to pick you up and you can makes memories even when you are feeling down

Oliver Ali

By reading many Power of Friendship paragraphs, I have seen some similarities between them. One that has come to my attention is the concept that friends dont even have to do anything special in order to comfort you. All they have to do is be themself around you, and your day will get better. This theme was found in many paragraphs, including yours. All Charlie did was chat with you, and your day was instantly better. That is what friends are for, and you perfectly explained that throughout your piece. Great work, Colin.

Sean Leahy

There is always a positive in a negative. And in this case Charlie was the positive that came out and got rid of the negative you were dealing with. And that is something very important. Good job!


Friends have a way of knowing how to make you feel better easily. Charlie is a good example of this, lifting you up without using a ton of his energy. I glad you were able to see the silver lining and learned from the situation!

Jamie Book

I too have been in the position of getting a bad grade on a test. A friend is all anyone needs to feel better. I wrote about a similar scenario in my paragraph, so I can relate! Great job!


After reading all of these passages I can see a reoccurring pattern that friends don’t have to do a big thing to lighten up your day. They have a way of knowing how to make you feel better. I also liked how you came back and restated your theme. Good Job

William O'Malley

I can relate to knowing that you did horrible on a test, especially a math test, and I know that friends can help you get through it like no one else, which you did a great job showing here.

Max Merhige

Talking with friends is a great way to solve issues with grades. If they say the right things, they, as you told, can make your day a lot better

Eli Zahavi

Great use of vocabulary in this piece. That test was hard! Great job.

Yoni Ghansah

Seems like everybody’s friends are so quick to comfort them, wish I could say the same. The only thing Charlie did was to chat with you, that shows the true strength of you great friendship. Nice Work!

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