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The Power of Respect

earning respect


“respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be.”

-Leo Tolstoy

Everyone has someone they look up to. And for me, that was my oldest brother Nick. He’s the oldest of my brothers, and in my mind he was the “coolest.” Whatever he did I followed, he was my role model. It was a important day for me at my camp. I was taking the archery test, I had to do it. It was one of the last possible days to get it. Nick was the archery instructor and he believed in me. I couldn't screw it up. I stood there looking at 4 archery targets, all different lengths away. I gripped my 25 pound bow so hard I thought it would snap. Camp ended it 3 days, I had to finish this last test. I started shooting, my stress was acting up, and I was shooting wild. Then Nick calmed me down. I was down to my last target. It was 25 yards away. I had to score a 35 out of 50. I pulled the bow back like it was feather took a breath and released. I kept doing this until my last arrow, I’ve been doing archery for an hour now and my hands were sweating. I had a 31 and just had to get a 4 or above. Nick comforted me telling me to just take a deep breath and take your time. I pulled it back, this time feeling pain like never before, I was so tired. I aimed and fired, I fell on the grass and looked up to see I got exactly a four. I gained nick’s respect, he was the best archerer in the camp I felt like he now trusted me, I proved him that I could be good like him. This story is really deep because I’ve wanted to pass this archery test and be like my brothers for years. And finally when I had the chance to, I succeeded. Nick’s encouragement and help pushed me to pass the test and prove to that I was great. The respect I give my brother is like no other. It feels like he is just the best and I should take him for granted. 


To earn respect you have to give respect.



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Ethan Rich

Great story. You used great words that made the story vivid. I felt as if I was there, watching you pull that bow back. I can relate too, I have an older sister who shows me how to respect others at the same time as having fun with them.


The way you talked about earning other’s respect as amazing. While some of us may not have been in this exact situation, we have all tried, at some point, to gain other’s respect. Your descriptive metaphors and similes really shone through in this piece, from the feather to the bow snapping this was a very descriptive piece.

William O'Malley

You did a great job with pulling us readers into the plot, and you got us on the edge of our seats, anxious to see if you would score a final four, to pass your test. It was great to see the close relationship you have with your oldest brother, as I have a very similar one with mine.

Rory Kennealy

You did a great job describing. I love how you described the last scene when you shot the arrow and fell on the ground because you were so tired. I felt like I was watching this whole story unfold with your very descriptive writing.

Max Merhige

I like how you went into great detail for this paragraph. The images you explained were vivid in my mind as I read them. Your theme: “To earn respect you have to give respect,” is a very true one, and you went into a lot of detail bout this too.

Sean Leahy

Your power of respect was different than others and I like that. Yours was about your brother comforting you and gaining his respect from archery. It is an interesting thing to write about and I like the build up to you getting exactly a 4 which is what you needed, and by doing that, you gained your brothers respect. Good job.

Jamie Book

Even before you passed the test, your brother seems to respect you. After completing the test, you gained even more respect from him than you had before. You can gain respect in many different ways, and achieving mastery is one of them. You captured the feelings you felt in a great way, and this was a great piece.


In this piece you did a good job describing the scene, and what was happening. You showed progressive respect, and how you can gain respect in many different ways. Good job!

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