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The Impact of the Modest Mouse

How a song can change your mood


“Good music calms my soul, it takes me to another place, away from my problems”



A musician thats important to you has to speak to you. Their lyrics have to sink into you and make you feel like your in the song. Every sound and word has to bounce up and down your head like a voice inside of you. And for me this group of musicians is modest mouse. And mainly the song Float on. Everything about this song I love; the beat, the lyrics, the message, everything. My dad showed me this song one day and something just clicked in my head and everything was just right all of a sudden. Anything that was depressing, worrisome, or irritating in my mind just floated away. I felt different when listening to it. I felt like I was in a different world, a new life. 

The reason I like this song is the mindset it puts you in, and the mood it generates. The lyrics aren’t complicated but powerful, and it makes you feel like a friend calming you down. The main theme of the song is “its gonna be alright.” And the beat is so great which makes it such a relaxing and soothing song. It’s not like many other songs in the way that you can sing it and explain it. You have to experience it yourself and listen to it for the song to truly be great.

Although this song is not very well known, it is meaningful, uplifting and will put you in a better frame of mind. 


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This a very beautifully worded piece! I enjoy the way you describe the importance of music on a day to day basis. I completely understand the kind of music you’re referring to. Keep up the good work.

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