Fitz-Style Journal Entry #1

An Experience with a Friend

what friends are for

CC00867F-33BE-41E7-A8AE-5680515CD192“no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”

Friends are there to stick up for you. And whenever people make fun of me for my stuttering issue, my friend Charlie is always there for me. If a kid was teasing me, Charlie would tell him to stop and that its not funny. Without help like that my years at fenn would’ve been much harder.

There was one specific time however where things got serious. This time I was in an argument, and as a comeback this person imitated me stuttering. Unlike the other times, this one really, really hurt. It was the average day in middle school sports, we were playing a game of dodgeball and me and another kid got into an argument. Other people started to crowd around to see what the commotion was about, then he dropped it. This person made fun of me and then there was just silence. All but one person, and that was Charlie. Charlie told him to stop and that it was mean, then others started to chime in and continue with support. If it wasn’t for Charlie, I would’ve felt differently and it would’ve changed my life. This experience is so important to me because its like no other, never has someone done something so helpful and uplifting to counteract a mean and hurtful comment. Charlie not only helped me in that one instance, but made me more confident in myself for future experiences. And thats what a good friend does, they stick up for you and care for you in instances like these, where your hurt but they come in and help you like a doctor to a patient.


When your friends have your back, everything will be better.



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Rory Kennealy

I really agree with your theme and it shows that its really important to stand up for your friends.

Sean L

This is a powerful story and it almost seems like something out of a movie. It is rare that someone shows that much support for someone else and Charlie is an awesome person for doing what he did. Great job.

Nick Brady

This was a great peice of writing, and I commend you for the courage to write about an experience like this. It was also awesome to hear how Charlie stood up, and his contageous kindness spread thorughout the room. Things like this are cool to hear about because it shows how many good people are in this world, just needing to be encouraged to stand up

Max LG

This piece was an inspiring one for sure, and the way you talked about standing up for your friends was a great theme, great job Colin!

Will S.

I’m glad to see your friends sticking up for you. Charlie’s comment is an important message for many middle schoolers out there and I’m glad to see you choose this story to write about. Great job Colin!

Eli Zahavi

This is a powerful story. It is awesome that you and Charlie have each other’s backs. Having a good and sturdy friend in life is important. Great job on this.

William O'Malley

This was great to read about how Charlie is always there to stick up for you, no matter what situation it may be. That is what friends are for, and I thought you did a great job describing how important and glad you were that he did that.

Oliver Ali

This is a great story, Colin. I really liked how you wrote that Charlie not only made you more confident in that particular experience, but in the future as well. This is an important point that you made, and it shows the true power of kindness. I like how you liken this experience to a doctor treating a patient. This analogy helps get your point across. Well done.

Yoni Ghansah

This really relates to your other blog pst in the sense that one person is able to start a chain reaction. Charlie needed up being that upstanding person who had the courage to take the first step, and stop the other person from cutting even further.

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