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Fitz-style journal #2

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The Impact of an Older Brother

How much they can do


“Brothers are what best friends can never be.”



You look up to the older people in your life. Whether it’s an older kid at school, or even a big brother, they are someone you strive to become, and want to impress. As a kid we are all impressionable, if someone we consider, “awesome” or “cool” does something, we will most likely follow. But now as I am a big brother to my little brother johnnie, I now feel like the older person that I used to look up to. 

It was a typical Tuesday night. I finished my homework and was playing some video games, then my little brother and his friends wanted to play a game with me. I got off the game and played with them. We were playing a game called magic the gathering. And I have been playing for 5+ years. During the game, they were stunned by my powerful and rare cards that Ive collected. And even though they teamed up on me, I came back and won by a landslide. 


It was at that point when I realized, how much of an impact a big brother, or older figure can have on a kid. I walked away from the kitchen table feeling great and could hear my brother and his friend chatting about how good my cards were. I always thought as a kid that my big brothers or older kids at school hated me, and  didn’t care about me. But now as I’m in the position of the big brother, I realize thats not true and that little brothers do actually have an impact.


 Even though I was better than them at the game, even though it wasn’t that serious of a game, it was still very important and had an impact on them.






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