Fitz-style journal #2
A slice of life


A place like no other


“Everyone’s got somewhere they call home”

-Roger Waters


To find inner peace, you must go to place that brings peace. A place where you feel alone and isolated, a place to reflect, a place thats your own. My place is far out in Montana, at the top of a steep mountain looking below at horses, dogs and cows.

It was me and my family on a mountain in Montana after biking all the way up. It was right after a hard journey with difficult hills, and it was so relaxing to be up there. I walked about 20 yards away from my family, and sat down and looked at the most beautiful view Ive seen.




I loved this trip me and my family went on! Although I didn’t spend much time up on the mountain, I still enjoyed in sincerely, and hope that I can go back there another time. It was such an awesome view, and relaxing few moments, and it made such a memorable experience 

This is the place I go



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