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The support friends can give



“things are never quite as bad when you’ve got a best friend”

-Bill Waterson


The greatest experiences are the ones with your friends. And at my sleep way camp, I grew great bonds with the people there and the outcome was a lot of fun experiences. Up in New Hampshire there was tons of activities to do. Me and my friends did everything together, and it got us closer. And even if we compete against each other and were rivals, in the end we were all friends.

At camp, there were many competitions. For however long the competitions would go on. me and my friends would spar, and constantly fight over who would win and who’s better. But the main competition of the whole camp year, would be the rowing/crew races. There would be two teams, red and blue, and for a whole entire week there would be competitions leading up to the finale which was the crew race. Kids from across the camp would be selected to race each other, and when my friends were on the other teams boats, there would be a huge controversy.


There was one year where all of my friends were on the red team and I was on the blue team, meaning that they were all against me. And when the race came, we lost by a landslide and I was really upset. I walked out of the boat house feeling the discouraged and alone, for all my friends were on the winning team and would be celebrating there victory and making fun of me. But to my surprise they did the opposite, instead of making fun of me, and insult my rowing skill, they comforted me and made me feel a lot better. Instead of being jerks, they were sympathetic and  were good friends. 


This is what true friendship is, they decided to lift me up, instead of pushing me down. They picked me up from the disappointing and sad spot I was in, and made me feel much better and made me realize that this is what being a friend really is. The empathy they had for me is really outstanding, and for them to see that it was hard for me for having all my friends on the opposite crew is great. This experience left a huge impact on me, knowing that friends can be very supportive and helpful.


Friends are there for you, during the toughest times, and thats what they’re there for. 




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