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Assignment #4

I loved this assignment! It was fun, easy and quick. And when I say that it might sound bad; for I said it was quick and easy. But the only reason I’m saying that is because I picked a good book. I feel like if I picked a book that I didn't like and was uninspiring, I wouldn’t do nearly as well on the assignment, and wouldn’t have liked the assignment and would’ve gotten frustrated. 


I loved describing the book, no one in my family is into Harry Potter to my dismay. And as much as Ive tried to convince them to read it, they wont. The only person I do talk about the series to, is my grandmother who loves the series to. I really like describing what I read and talking about it. I feel like an excited little kid telling his mom that he scored in basketball. I love describing it in my own way and how I see the scenes, do I side with one character or the other? 


I love the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Its the finale and it is a masterpiece. The flow of the book is amazing. It starts exciting with a flying scene as the main character, Harry Potter escapes from the dark lord with the order (a secret society.) then death eaters go to Harry’s hideout and raid it. And the three main characters escape and go off on there own. For a very long time the trio is researching hocruxes (the thing that will eventually kill the dark lord) during this time the trio gets mad at each other and one of them runs away out of frustration out of no progress. And although there’s note much action it builds up. Then after they get captured by the bad guys and get taken to their headquarters. They escape and steal a hocrux from the bank and the finally the big battle happens. The trio destroys the final hocruxes and there is a battle a gigantic battle. The series ends with harry fighting the dark lord in front of everyone, and finally killing him once and for all. I love how the tension builds up for so long, and its released and we get the biggest and most thrilling part of the series.


I love this book and it will be so close to my heart forever. I love reviewing it talking about it and reading it!



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It's a wonderful thing to find a piece of literature that you truly love, and you have found one and that is awesome!

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