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Journal entry #2

Journal entry #1

Times are tough, and there’s no way around it. This is not what the world was ready for, and it is the most damaging event in the last decade. We need to be optimistic and stay positive; the truth to this virus right now is that we don’t have a full answer yet. All these questions popping up inside our worried brains don’t have a solution; yet we have to just stay calm and stay safe. And even though these are tough times it shouldn’t get in the way of your life and you should try your best to still spend time with others and be the same person you already were.


 And now more than ever should we remain close to our family and pursue the hobbies you love. This is the time where your at home for the whole day and should try new things treat you never had before read a book, try cooking, go on walks or exercise. We don’t know when this virus ends so we have to occupy ourselves with things to do, to remain healthy and entertained. And although were tucked away from each other like a kid in the timeout chair, this shouldn’t prevent us from being ourselves and staying happy.


No matter where you are, no matter what your doing, remember that people care about you and that you matter; be yourself and stay solid.


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This is a very positive writing piece and exactly what the world needs now in this rather depressing time. It's very true what you said about remaining happy and active although we are all "tucked away from each other like a kid in the timeout chair" (great use of a simile, by the way). Keep up the great work!

The Fenn Voice

It may be late in coming, but this is a wonderful journal entry with an urgent and beautiful message. Yes, our lives have changed and you have captured this reality a powerful way. Excellent work.

Nick Brady

This piece is short and quick while still packing a great and optimistic message. We should always be trying to make the best of any situation, and you captured this perfectly in this entry. I also liked the conclusion, seperated by a semi-colon in a worthy and purposefull manner.

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