Narrative Story
Assignment #4

Micro Worx baby

What techniques did I use in my narrative structure?


I tried using micro works skills and I managed to use some strategies but there are two parts of my narrative story that I’m really proud of. I really liked the start and end of my story. For the conclusion I used parallel structure in a way. And by that I twisted parallel structure but I made it sound really good and I really like it. And then my beginning, for the beginning I tried to make it sound much better than my others. I didn't just state my story I made it interesting and compelling. I had sentence after sentence of what I thought was good writing and it was one of my first very exciting beginnings. I’m really happy with this story though I actually wrote more than what was required and felt like I actually covered the story and aid everything I needed to say and not just stopping the story when I reached the word requirement and didnt have to write anymore. But this story I feel like I went a bit above and beyond. I am looking forward to creating stories like these because I relived a memory of my childhood that was very nostalgic. 




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