Journal entry #3
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Narrative Story

The Change in The People you meet

My friend became a new person



Friends come an go, you make some in your years of grade school; however when high school comes there gone. And although I’m not in high school I have lost very important friendships when changing schools. It wasn’t the same after I left, the kids from my old school looked at me as an exile, someone who didn't belong, it felt like they completely forgot who I was. Whether it was the mean looks I got, or a short, meaningless response when I said “hello” to them. I was confused I had been best friends with them for 5+ years and this is what they treat me like, like a new kid that they despised for no reason. And they treat me like this because I left there school...


There is many kids I’m referring to, but in particular there is a kid named Jake. I used to be really close to this kid but once I left he changed friend groups and looked at me like an outcast. As I still live in the same town, Lincoln, I still hang out around town and do extra curricular activities in Lincoln. And for Jake I see him around town often with a different group of kids, which I’m fine with, he’s allowed to have new or different friends. However whenever I see him he acts like its the first time meeting me and that I’m a whole new person. I’m not asking for Jake to be my best friend, I’m just confused on why he’s not giving me any recognition. It’s like he hates my guts. And its not just me who feels this way, I have another friend named Peyton who used to be friends with Jake and we were like a trio me, Peyton and Jake. And Peyton and Jake are neighbors but like me Peyton changed schools so both me and Peyton left jakes school so he acted this way to not just me but also Peyton. Me and Peyton still hang out, and he consistently tells me stories about how he’s changed and become a whole new person. 



There was one story in particular that Peyton told me.... as I said before Peyton and Jake are neighbors so they were even closer friends with Jake than I was because they hung out more often. Peyton was bored one day so he went over to Jake’s house (this is after Peyton also left the towns school) and asked Jake if he wanted to hang out. Jake was hanging out with another kid that Peyton was pretty friendly with, but Jake declined in a mean spirited way, the other kid looked in an embarrassing sort of way at Peyton sort of showing that he was find with hanging out with Peyton. And thats where the story ends. I know its not some exciting story with a huge fight or thrilling part; yet, I think it shows how people change and what it can do to someone. I can’t read Jake’s mind, and I don't see him very often anymore; but one things for sure, Jake has really changed and has become a completely different person. 


I tell you this story because I think it shows how people change and how people feel about you when you leave there school, team, or town. Me and Peyton leaving Jake’s school had an affect on him and he no longer wanted to be friends and started acting mean and disrespectful towards us like we did something wrong. But now as I look back on my friendship with Jake I will recall the happy and fun times with him, not the recent actions he has made. 


We started with smiles, we left off with disdain, we reunited with frowns. 



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Nick Brady

I too have experienced something similair to this although luckily not to the same extent. I moved to Massachusetts when I was in the third grade, and because I wasn't yet old enough to attend Fenn, I spent one year at Carlisle Public School. Upon seeing some of my previous classmates after I left I recieved some remarks like "Fenn kid," and while not necessarily hurtfull, I can totally see the things that you described so well in this piece.


Wow! This is definitely one of your best post ever, and it tells an incredibly powerful story about friendship and loss. I see this happening sometimes with my own kids, and it is really hard to watch. You somehow make it meaningful and real and poignant. Thank you for a wonderful story! Good Microworx, too!!!

Max LG

Colin this piece blew me away, the vivid imagery you used and the common experience of friends changing brought this piece together to truly become a masterpiece. The line “ We started with smiles, we left off with disdain, we reunited with frowns. ” was such a powerful way to end a very powerful piece, amazing job Colin!

Rory Kennealy

When I left my old school for Fenn it was never the same with my old friends. You showed that really well in this piece, it was powerful and very descriptive, and you showed your story of something that probably happened to almost all of us great writing!


This piece is very very very real and it was very interesting to read. Your concluding sentence was amazing and I very much enjoyed it. I can relate with old classmates/friends pretending like they never knew us. Great job!

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