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I sit in this desolate room wondering what to write for this final metacognition. Metacognition were not my favorite, I find them quite boring in fact. But I’m must do well as this final assignment is like a kiss goodbye to my 8th grade English year. Over the last 3 months in quarantine Ive learned the most in English, I don’t know if its because of no distractions in the classroom, or if its because I got a bit more creative and imaginative in my stories. Which ever one it is however, it sure helped a lot as Ive improved significantly as a writer. My writing also got more fluent. Usually my assignments and writing pieces were just ramblings of me talking, edited together to look nice. It was like opening up a treasure chest and finding dog poop inside. At the start of the year I was not a good writer. I didn’t use similes or metaphors, I didn’t use any techniques, it was like I was just writing down a conversation with myself. Nothing sounded right and nothing was right. I stopped writing about stuff that didn’t interest me. Because as we all know, you want be motivated if your doing something you don’t like. So because of that, I broke a few rules, thought outside of the box. And I began to write to no limits and create stories that I liked to make. And create characters and be in a setting that is fun and interesting to me. And that’s what’s important to a writer, if you write something you like writing, it might not be good; but you will love writing it. 


“And if your not having fun, your not living” -Reggie. 


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