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Solitary walk

My thoughts while I’m walking

I remember when I could walk freely and hang out with people, I remember when I didn’t have to step six feet away from a person whenever I saw someone, I remember when I was free. But now due to these current situations, it really is hard to do things normally and like you used to be able to. 

The world doesn’t feel right. Going on walks in the woods used to be the highlight of my day, but now whenever I go one them, I am anxious to get out due to the number of people in there that could of infected me. This paranoid brain I have has ruined the happiness I had in going on walks. And it doesn’t feel the same. Due to this virus a lot fo people are going outside and going on walks for exercise and 

Every time a see someone in the woods or on one of my walks, they have a depressed, sulking figure with a blank expression on there face. I feel like everyone’s hope has departed and your left with a feeling like you’ve been crushed. I no longer see smiles, but frowns and worried faces; scared for the unknown future, anxious for what’s next. The happy moments with friends and family have disintegrated and all thats left is a question, “when?” When will it be over? When will life be normal again? And were left with no answer and no matter how many exaggerated lies put out there about how its getting better, were still left in this unsure mindset.

No ones enjoying this, and no one should. It’s not fun, and we truly miss our friends and family. And as much as I want to end it on a wholesome note, where I say how we should all stay in contact and say, “its gonna get better!” But is it though, is it gonna get better? This question remains unanswered and even the smartest of people, don’t know how this is going to end, but for now keep writing and enjoy Mr. Fitz’s class, peace.


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William O'Malley

Your repetition in your first paragraph started the writing piece of with extra power that set where your thoughts were at. I liked the way that you ended everything, keeping it professional.

Rory Kennealy

This really was a great all-around writing piece. you hooked the reader in at the start with the repetitiveness and parallel structure. The body paragraphs really engaged the reader. I have seen the same things when I walk in the woods. Whenever I see someone in the woods we have to just split the path and stay as far away as we can. It is a really sad thing and I hope it can get back to normal soon. Great writing Colin!


My wife and I take walks every day in the woods, and somehow we keep smiling. I hope I run into you someday I can put your mind at ease. Keep walking. You will find your perfect path.

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