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The Man in the Driveway


I was in my room, laying in my bed and my heart was pounding. I felt my pulse bouncing beating like a drum. There was someone outside of my house. My blankets were pulled over my head in fear I had to get another look though, at this strange person in my driveway. “What is happening?!” I said to myself, this was scary. Who was he? What did he want. These worried questions overpowered my mind like an infectious disease. I have never been in a situation like this.


I gained enough courage and in one quick motion turned to the window, and saw him. It was dark outside so his face wasn’t visible, but I did see that he had a suit and tie on. He looked like a business man coming back from an important meeting. He was looking down though so I couldn’t see his face, this seemed somewhat relieving knowing that the man didn’t notice me. But my little hope drained away as his face turned to my window. 


I screamed but covered my mouth after realized the stupidity of that. I wanted it to end, my mind was racing like I was on a rollercoaster. But there was one thought above all, “what do I do?” I didn’t have many options, I couldn’t confront the man, and my phone was downstairs and I was paralyzed in fear, but I did feel comfortable with one option, talking to my parents. This seemed safe, as parents usually know what to do in situations like this. I got up and walked towards the their door, I took a deep breath and thought of what I was going to say to them. I stepped in and blurted out in a loud voice to wake them up, “there’s a strange man in our drive-” I paused and looked at there bed and saw no one in the room. I collapsed over and a wave of panic like a tsunami came over me, “where am I!?” i screamed with horror. Then everything went black. 


I woke up hyperventilating and struggling for air, I realized that I just had a terrible nightmare, ad one that was life like and felt real. I felt so relieved to know that I was safe and all was well. I looked outside expecting the worse and saw nothing. I let out a monstrous sigh of relief as I confirmed that I was now in the real world and that the strange man in my dreams was gone.


As I took a second deep breath, and released it slowly, I saw something in the corner of my room, I said “no! No! It can’t be!” And I saw him, the man with the suit. Then the temperature in the room changed like a storm was starting. I jumped up from my bed in fear as the man started getting up from the corner he was already in. He nearly teleported to my bed and right in front of my face he said, “never leave, always here.” 


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Colin Soukup

Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A TRUE STORY I made it up.

Rory Kennealy

This story was really well-written. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I was interested the whole time great work Colin!


I will always acccept a different version of an assignment when it is so well written.

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