Upgrading 9th Grade

Changing Fenn

Out With The Old and In With The New


Be the change you wish to see - Mahatma Gandhi

Every morning at six am, I regret leaving my bed to get up, get ready, get on the bus and then go to school. That’s why if I was to make 9th grade at Fenn better, I would try and make school an enjoyable experience for all. The list of changes could go on and on and on for miles and then there would still be things that people would want to change. That’s why by changing the most common complaints that my classmates make, school would hopefully be a little more tolerable. Changes I would make include, knocking down the school house, adding more snack to the school store, playing music in the morning and finally, giving the upper schoolers to have less homework.

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The Power of Hard Times

Getting out of Hard Times

A Time To Throw Myself A Party


Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose - Lyndon B. Johnson

Hard times feel like a never ending dark tunnel. Rather than throwing a pity party, I do all the things I know make me happy. There are many things enjoy doing and these include going on FaceTime for hours with my camp friends while sitting on the couch and eating ice cream. This is because I know my camp friends are my best friends and they always bring the best out of me. One example of this was the night before the first day of school. The last thing that I wanted was for summer to end and for school to start so I decided to call some of my closest camp friends. We were on a FaceTime call for what seemed like minuets but really it was hours talking all things from how much we dont want to go back to school to camp next year and the pranks we are going to pull. The FaceTime call got so wild to the point we were having a glow stick rave as if we would at camp. This was all amazing because not only did it seriously boost my self confidence but it brought back so many good memories. It also allowed me to appreciate the fact I have some of the most amazing friends out there. The fact that they know how to make me in such a good mood to the fact I’m a soda ready to explode from my bottle shows that they really know me and that they are always going to be there for me. Instead of letting myself be stuck in the hard times it’s important to have positive vibes and staying true to who you really are in the good times.



The Power of Place

My Happy Place

Friends, Prank Wars and Neverending Fun


Summertime is always the best of what might be. - Charles Bowden

Summer Camp is a getaway and dream in the distance unlike any other. With all the amazing tight friendships and endless memories it truly is the highlight of my year. These memories and friendships carry on way past summer for many years.

It feels as if you have known your friends for five years instead of five weeks! Every year at the beginning of June, I pack my bags and head off to summer camp for the best few weeks of my life. I arrive to find returning counselors who I’ve known for years, the new counselors who are fresh out of high school and of course, my camp friends who I’ve been talking to every living and breathing moment for the past few days about coming back to camp.

It’s so amazing to return to my camp celebrity status. While there are endless moments of fun the best part of camp are the pranks. Being British at camp has its perks as most of the staff are British. So on the fourth of July walking out the bunk to see the camp decorated with UK flags in the office and the American flag replaced with the British flag was truly amazing.

All the Americans have their jaws dropped so low that you could fit a size 10 Nike shoe in there.

Belknap Essay


The Journey Begins...

Images-1Bonding and Leadership at Camp Belknap

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.
- Henry David Thoreau


“Make sure your lights are out by 10 PM.” Our counselor Brian reminded us before leaving the cabin. It was around 9 PM and already dark outside at Camp Belknap located right on Lake Winepusake in New Hampshire. This was the first time I got to lay in the small bunk in the old dusty cabin rewind and just reflect on the day. I learned what type of leader I am and I discovered the importance of being present in the moment.

In life, we are always thinking about what comes next and the next big thing.  Since coming back to school I have already started thinking about the next school year and of course, going back to camp this upcoming summer. However, at Camp Belknap without having my phone on me constantly I haven’t had the whole world contacting me I have been able to really be able to be present at the moment. Because I was able to be present, I was able to make little moments become big moments. One example of this was the first night in the cabin. The 10 PM lights out seemed ridiculous to everyone and with our concealer out of the cabin, we all laid in our sleeping bags and just talked about whatever random thought came into our head. This was amazing because it really allowed me to get to know my other classmates and it truly was an amazing bonding experience. We all had such an overall good time to the point that a camp counselor Brian had to come into our cabin and tell us we were being a way to wild. Overall, I realized in the future I should take a step away from life to be more present at the moment.

It’s hard to know what leadership is and what kind of leader you are. This is why On the final day at Camp Belknap, the leadership workshop taught me a lot about myself as a person and how that ties into what kind of leader I am. We were all standing in the hot sun regretting wearing sweatpants based on the early morning cold. We gathered in groups based upon stereotypes of personalities. In this, I learned that I am a motivator leader. This means that I like to have some control and power. In addition to that, I like to motivate the group. As well as that, I learned being as being a motivator leader I can become emotionally attached to an idea that I strongly support. It definitely tied into a lot of things that I do, including my radio show and dj’ing as I am definitely passionate and emotionally attached to both of them. At the same time I tie into the motivation part by having my radio show listeners get involved in contests and and I definitely hype up my crowd to the point of mosh pits, everyone jumping and screaming, and hair-flipping with huge music hits. In conclusion, without this experience, I never would have been able to learn about the different types of leadership and how it ties into my life.

My experience at Camp Belknap has shown me that even though I am a motivation leader, its good to take time to step back and reflect and perhaps I should do it more often.

The Making of a Community


Real People Coming Together

The question is not what you look at, but what you see. - Henry David Thoreau


There are many different things that make up the Essence of a Community, the Power of Place, and the Value of Stewardship. At the Fenn School, many different things make up the Essence of a Community. At the Fenn School, the Essence of the Community is made up of many different things. It's the glue that keeps it sticking together like the marshmallow mix in Rice Krispie treats. There is the administration team that keeps the students coming in so that there is even a community to have. There is the development office that foresee where the community is going and how to adapt and grow with the fast changing community in the best way possible. Finally, there is the administration team, that make the decisions on how the school will best run smoothly on the day to day. Weather that's calling or snow day, setting a delay, or changing a schedule. They are apart of making the Essence of the Community at the Fenn School.

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