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Celtics Future: What Should They Do?

~Lyle Waldeck

Celtics future: What should they do?

In this blog I will be giving my opinion, and some other classmates will be giving there opinions on what the Celtics should do to get better.



The Celtics have to do something about there current situation. Even though Kemba has been playing well lately, we have no depth on the bench. The bench is filled with guards that aren’t really helping the team win, except for Prichard. We don’t have a lot of forwards or centers, that will help us. I think that trading for someone like Justice Winslow or Harrison Barnes would make us become a better team. There have also been some rumors about the Celtics getting Vucevic or Jerami Grant, both those guys would help this team tremendously, but I believe that getting Grant would help us more. Grant is a forward who is averaging 23 ppg. He would be a great guy to have come of the bench and score. He is also a great defender, he is averaging 1.1 blocks and 1 steal per game. The Celtics are so close to becoming a real contender, and getting one of those players would make them one.

Other thoughts

6E114B62-BED6-42F4-B271-8FF6D9D30A81Timmy: I think that the Celtics should fire Brad Stevens, and get a new coach. I believe that Brad Stevens is the reason for the Celtics’ troubles. On multiple occasions Stevens has drawn up plays at the end of the game, that will just end up being a bad fadeaway three that never goes in. 


90FCE4B2-EF62-47DB-8F65-EAEC59D2A87CLuke: I think that the Celtics need to give Robert Williams more minutes. Theis has not been helping on the defensive end, and having Williams in there will help the Celtics on the defensive end. For the long run, I think that we should focus on developing the young guys on the team. 


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Timmy Smith

I agree with Timmy, Brad Stevens is the reason for the inconsistency in this young Boston team. I also agree with Luke, Robert Williams has a lot of promise, and can really be used by the Celtics.

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