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~JP Ward

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With turmoil in Catalonia, it's looking like Messi may have one foot out the door. So, to get you prepped for what may become of the all-time great, here is a list of the top 5 places Messi may end up:

1. Manchester City


Right now, Man City might just be the most in-form side in Europe, and there is no doubt that this might just be perfect for Messi. First off, with the club looking like they might part ways with Aguero, Messi would be the perfect man to fill his role. Without Aguero, City has still been dominant and they have proved to be a side that doesn't need a top striker to finish, as their midfielders can fill in that role. But if they were to get someone like that back I could easily see them getting to, if not winning the Champions League final. Messi would also be able to be reunited with former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola. With Pep in charge, Messi seemed to be the most dangerous man on the planet netting 138 goals and 55 assists in his 4 seasons. There is no wonder why Guardiola has said he'd love to have him back and I'm sure Messi feels the same way. Now you may already be convinced enough but it's likely in his contract Messi would be able to go to an affiliate MLS club and follow in the footsteps of many retirement age elites. This move would most definitely squash the ‘rainy night in stoke’ theories too and I'm sure Messi cares a lot about that (I'm joking).


2. Paris Saint-Germain


After PSG’s recent win in Barcelona, it's clear to see that they are an up-and-coming side in Europe. Last year, using their easy European match-ups to their advantage, they were able to squeeze into the final against Bayern Munich. In that game, they couldn't handle Bayern’s all-round depth and attacking presence, and were never able to break through the star-studded defense. But if they were to add Messi this upcoming window they could turn into a super squad that would likely go onto win many trophies in Europe and domestically. If this transfer were to happen Messi would also be reunited with Neymar, someone who he deeply enjoyed playing with, in the iconic MSN days of Barca. Adding Mbappe, another world-class player, to this side would make them virtually unstoppable and I doubt that they wouldn't win any trophies. 


3. Barcelona


Yes, I know. How sad it would be if Messi would return for another year of bad, sluggish, and non-eager football. But who knows? Maybe some new signings could turn it around. 


4. Inter Milan


Inter Milan is certainly one of the most interesting clubs in Europe right now. With former United striker Romelu Lukaku leading the lines and a squad full of premier league rejects and promising young stars, they've put in a good shot at the Serie A title this year. But the question remains, when will they find success in Europe? Adding Messi to this squad could just push them past that dreaded group stage and round of 16. Unfortunately, Messi might not want to join the side as there are much better options for him (see above). 


5. Chelsea


With a deep roster and a top-class team on paper, Chelsea have been far below par. But with Thomas Tuchel joining as manager they have started to find their stride just a bit. While they do have good attackers Messi might just be what Tuchel needs to get Werner and Abraham into their places but I doubt this will happen as Messi doesn't seem very interested in teaching someone how to shoot. (Timo Werner joke)

Honorable Mention: Newells Old Boys


Don't laugh at me for saying this, but wouldn't it be fun if this happened. A return to his boyhood club for a season or two could be beneficial for both parties, as Messi looks to bow out of football and Old Boys look to bow into name recognition. It may seem like a daydream, but don't be surprised if Messi has had his share of these high-octane European nights. 


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