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~Miles Fritz

It can be an important evaluation to make for a football team. Is our Quarterback worth a pay day to keep him here for an extended period of time. Here are my starting quarterback power rankings for next year.


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  1. Patrick Mahomes- A relatively easy choice for #1. You can expect Pat to come back hungry for a ring after being flattened by The Buccaneers in the Super Bowl. Patrick is bringing skills to the game that we have never seen before with his on the run, sidearm, and no-look passes. He is my pick for MVP next year and you can expect another Super Bowl run for Patrick.

  2. Deshaun Watson- We still have no idea where Deshaun will end up next year. Wherever he goes he will do damage. Most teams that are front-runners for Deshaun have some sort of explosive weapon on offense. With a better organization, Deshaun and his super human abilities will bring greatness.

  3.  Aaron Rodgers- Coming off his bitter-sweet season including an MVP and a heartbreaking NFC Championship loss to Brady and the Bucs, you can expect Rodgers and the Packers to pick up where they left off. With star running back Aaron Jones on the way out of Green Bay, we should see a very pass-heavy offense providing Rodgers with an opportunity to do what he does best, sling it.

  4. Russel Wilson- This pick is definitely a controversial one, Russel is coming off a tough season with a 5-0 start and then a steady drop off, leading up to a Wild Card loss to the Rams. The Seahawks weak offensive line gave Russ no time to throw the ball. You can expect the Seahawks to make efforts to get Russel to remain in Seattle and draft multiple offensive linemen to get Russel some protection.

  5. Josh Allen- The Bills had an incredible finish to the season, only to lose a tough game to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship. Allen is great for the Bills system and has enjoyed using all of their weapons such as Diggs and Beasley. You can expect nothing short of an explosion from Josh Allen this year.
  6. Tom Brady- GOAT. And there isn’t much else to say. The seven time Super Bowl champion always finds a way to motivate himself. Brady had weapons left and right and Brady is now in his second year with this offense. Brady will be an MVP candidate this year.

  7. Lamar Jackson- After a disappointing year for Jackson and the Ravens, you can expect the ravens to find a way to get Lamar some more weapons. The former MVP will be looking to put the Ravens back at the top of the AFC, with hopefully more people to throw to.

  8. Matthew Stafford- This was a tough spot to fill. But I do not believe that there will be any other quarterbacks that are better than Stafford. Matthew Stafford is constantly underrated. He has a very good arm and is a great decision maker. He now has a solid receiving core along with an elite offensive line. Stafford has the talent to take the Rams on a deep run.

  9. Dak Prescott- Dak is coming off a freak injury to his ankle and will likely come back swinging. Before the injury, Dak was leading the league in passing touchdowns as well as being fourth in passing yards. With his speed, arm, and elite athletic  ability, Dak will lead the Cowboys to a NFC east win and maybe a win in the playoffs.

  10.  Ryan Tanehill- Another underrated player is taking snaps in Tennessee. Tanehill is possibly the best system quarterback in football. With the highest run % team in the NFL, Ryan Tanehill continues to put up good numbers with very few interceptions.

  11. Justin Herbert- The rookie quarterback had a year that was nothing short of astounding. He threw 33 TD passes (NFL record) and over 3,000 yards passing. With solid receivers and a strong coaching staff, you can expect another good year from Herbert.

  12.  Joe Burrow- Burrow is coming off a season-ending knee injury. However, there is no doubt in my mind that Joe Burrow is a very elite quarterback. The only reason I have him so low is because he wasn’t given quite enough time to prove himself. Before the injury, Burrow was top 5 in Touchdowns passes, Passing yards, QB rating, and completion percentage. Burrow could very easily sneak into the top 8 this year.

  13. Kyler Murray- Some may say that Kyler should be higher on this list. I believe that 13 is the perfect spot for him. There is no doubt that Kyler Murray has top 5 talent. However, he is going to need another year or two to sharpen his decision making and lower his interception numbers. Kyler has also displayed an inability to perform at a high level in clutch moments. In three years, I think you will be Kyler in a top five spot.  

  14. Trevor Lawrence- The only quarterback from this draft class that I will put on my list, this is because he is the guaranteed number one pick this year, and will likely be the starter for the Jaguars. Throughout the last three years, Lawrence has displayed incredible talent in every aspect of his game and will continue to do damage in the NFL.

  15.  Jimmy Gorropolo- Jimmy is a good system quarterback for the 49ers. One thing we do know is that the 49ers win when Jimmy plays and they do not win when he doesn’t play. Jimmy is not a great quarterback, but he is solid in every aspect of his game. He makes tough throws and is capable of leading the 49ers to a good season.

  16.  Dereck Carr- Carr is coming off one of the best seasons of his career. With a new star at tight end in Darren Waller, Carr finally has a great target to throw to. You can expect the raiders to continue to win against good teams and have a solid season.

  17.  Baker Mayfeild- Baker is a franchise quarterback. Nothing more and nothing less. He has developed as a decision maker but not much else. He is a solid quarterback for the Browns system and will continue to win a good amount of games every year. 

  18.  Matt Ryan- Matt has plenty of upside, but a large downside. He finds himself putting Atlanta in a lot of shootouts by throwing plenty of touchdown passes along with plenty of interceptions. Oftentimes the Falcons defense is not able to keep pace and they lose a lot of games. There is plenty of talent, but age is catching up to Matt Ryan.

  19.  Ben Rothlesburger- Big Ben has been gifted a great receiving core. If you eliminate that receiver talent, you may see 25 interceptions in a season out of Ben. He has a cannon for an arm, and some veteran experience. Other than that, he has been on a steady decline in his career.

  20.  Tua Tagovailoa- Tua took over as the dolphins starter half way through the season. He was solid from a statistical standpoint, but led the dolphins to a lot of wins. I believe the dolphins should hold on to Tua because he is going to keep getting better, and is already the most accurate quarterback in the league. He just needs to work on completions and moving the chains.
  21.  Kirk Cousins- Cousins is coming off a good year. He is definitely a sleeper going into the upcoming season. He has two very talented receivers and a solid offensive line. Kirk could definitely be higher on this list after this year.

  22.  Jared Goff- Goff is now on a new and slightly weaker offense in the Detroit Lions. The Lions are likely on pace to lose their top wide receiver, Kenny Golladay. I am expecting a very run-focused offense from Detroit and a decent year from Goff. 

  23.  Sam Darnold- Darnold is unlucky. He has been forced to play for the dysfunctional Jets offense for the past few years. He has shown small periods of talent throughout his young career. If the Jets draft and trade around Sam Darnold, I could definitely see a good year ahead from him.

  24.  Carson Wentz- A lot of NFL fans may have him lower. However, I see Carson Wentz being a solid system quarterback with a run-first approach to his new offense in Indianapolis. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carson in a playoff game if he stays healthy.

  25.  Daniel Jones- “Danny dimes” is certainly not a bad quarterback, he is just not better than 24 of the league's quarterbacks. He has shown some potential through his two years in the league. With his size and speed he is able to make some tough throws outside the pocket.

  26.  Drew Lock- Lock is the perfect example of unreliable. With injury after injury, the Broncos might have to consider moving on from him. When he is healthy, it seems that he plays well about 30% of the time. And for the rest, he is throwing interceptions and taking a huge amount of sacks. If the Broncos were to get a new QB they could be very good.

  27.  Jalen Hurts- Hurts had some talent in college, but struggled for the Eagles this year. As he takes the reins as a starter, the Eagles should pray that they don’t see a repeat of Carson Wentz.

  28.  Teddy Bridgewater- Bridgewater will most likely not see a starting spot for Carolina this year as he is average in almost every category. I like Teddy as a system quarterback for a different team. But he does not have much talent.

  29.  Alex Smith- He has an incredible story, but not much else. He struggles to throw the ball down field and is average in terms of accuracy. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Washington move on from Alex Smith.

  30.  Mitchell Trubisky- This year it seems like Mitch was either throwing for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns are 50 yards and 3 interceptions. There are almost no teams that should want a match as the starter as he is already declining at such a young age.

  31.  Jameis Winston/Taysom Hill- The Saints will most likely split snaps between the two of them. Tayson has a below average arm, and Jameis Winston has a habit for throwing the ball to the other team. The Saints will likely get a loud wake up call when neither of these quarterbacks perform at a high level

  32.  Cam Newton- By far the worst quarterback in the NFL. He has a bad arm, bad accuracy, and his speed continues to decrease. The only thing Cam can do is run for touchdowns inside the 10 yard line. That’s it. He embarrassed himself for the Patriots this year while throwing for just 5 touchdown passes and 15 interceptions. Cam is not good enough to be an NFL quarterback.



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