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The Best Wide Receiver in Football: Lyle Waldeck

There have been many debates about who the best wide receiver in the NFL is, and in this blog, I will be writing about the top 5 wide receivers in my opinion. This includes this year, but for some of them I include past years as a factor.


E4D4D36E-5B9D-4741-B06C-8371BA9A786FAt number 5, I have Stefon Diggs. Diggs had a phenomenal season this year, with 95 yards per game, and 12 yards per reception. I have him at five, because we have only seen one year of him on the bills, and he only had 8 touchdowns in the season. 


5E378975-F68F-469A-BBD9-3D3AA250EE81At four, I have Tyreek hill. Hill is one of the fastest players in the league, which leads to many deep touchdowns. Hill had the second most touchdowns of any receiver this year, with 15 touchdowns.


60283411-7980-4B10-AD04-76AE74B2D08FAt three, I have Julio Jones. Julio has been an amazing receiver in his years as a falcon. This year he had 85 yards per game, and only 3 receiving TDS. Even though he only had three touchdowns, you have to keep in mind that he was injured for part of the season, and he also has Calvin Ridley on his team. Julio has been great, since he came into the league, and has kept that greatness, throughout his career.



A131FBA1-6185-42E6-A7F1-2FEDE2A8250BAt two, I have Deandre Hopkins. Hopkins ranked 3rd in yards per game, with 91 yards. As he’s been on the Cardinals, with a good quarterback, that he never had in Houston, he’s made electrifying plays, and hopefully in the future can lead them to be great in the playoffs. 


D486BD2A-BCB9-4384-802D-E27FB0F87DDEFinally, at number one, I have Devante Adams. Adams has played some of the best football he has ever played in his career this year. He ranked 1st in yards per game, with 98 yards per game, and ranked 1st in touchdowns, with 18 touchdowns on the year. There is no reason that Devante Adams shouldn’t be ranked number 1 on someone’s list. 


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You definitely have good ideas on this question and I look forward to seeing what you will write about next.

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