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My Top 5 Running Back Prospects 2021 NFL Draft- Lyle Waldeck

                              My Top 5 RB prospects

-Lyle Waldeck

5. Trey Sermon-Ohio State

Although Sermon’s receiving skills are not very good he has the potential to be a great guy to hand the ball off to I’m red zone situations. One really big downside about Sermon is his speed. He has average speed and in today’s NFL you usually need to be pretty fast to be a top tier running back. At 6 foot 1 215 pounds I think that Sermon could be someone like Mark Ingram.


4.Michael Carter- UNC


Michael Carter has what Trey Sermon doesn’t, and that is speed and quickness. Carter has the ability to juke out defenders, and make quick cuts to get through the blocks. Carter also has decent blocking skills. He also has great route running and hands for a running back, which is why he’s ahead of Sermon on my list.

3.Javonte Williams-UNC


Williams is another RB out of UNC, but he has what Carter doesn’t have and that’s power, Williams reminds me of a less developed version of Adrian Peterson. Williams has the ability to run through anyone, he’ll break through a lot of arm tackles, which will lead to open space and touchdowns.


2.-Travis Etienne-Clemson


Travis Etienne is one of the fastest RB in this years class, running a 4.41 40 yard dash. He is also a great reviving back, he was apart of the Clemson passing offense a lot. Etienne also can run people over and has great contact balance and patience. I think that Etienne is going to have an immediate impact of whatever team he’s drafted to, just because of his versatility as a receiver as well as a runner. 

1.Najee Harris-Alabama

Najee Harris has size and ability you don’t see very often. He is 6 foot 2, 230 lbs, and is as good as a receiving back as your going to find in the class. He reminds me of a more versatile Derrick Henry. He has the ability to run people over, but also can use his agility to get away from defenders and as we saw in college, he can go around you and even over you, that’s just how athletic he is. I think that Harris will be selected in the late 1st round to either the dolphins at 18 or the Steelers at 24. 






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