Best Cornerback In The NFL

~Luke Waldeck


    Jaylen Ramsey has solidified himself as the best cornerback in the NFL with a phenomal season. Stephon Gilmore won defensive player of the year in 2019, but he was injured and missed some games along with having a somewhat off year. Jaylen Ramsey’s amazing season and Gilmore’s off year solidified Ramsey as the best corner back in the NFL, but how good is Jaylen Ramsey?

    Well the answer is that he is spectacular. He put some of the best receivers in the league on lock, holding them to barely any catches and barely any yards. Stephon Diggs lead the NFL in yards and catches this season, but had all sorts of trouble when Jaylen Ramsey was covering him. In week 3, Diggs had 1 catch for 4 yards and 1 touchdown when Jaylen Ramsey was covering him. DK Metcalf, Deandre Hopkins, Mike Evans, Allen Robinson, and other top receivers had similar stories to Diggs all being held under 50 yards. 

    Jaylen Ramsey was a nightmare for offensive coordinators this season, and is now clearly the best cornerback in the NFL

Most Likely QB For The Patriots

~Luke Waldeck & Miles Fritz    

It’s quite obvious that New England is in need of some talent under center this year. New England fans are optimistic about a new starter this year, but we still have no intel on anyone the Pats are eyeing. Given the team's issues and cap space, here are the five most likely candidates to be the week one starter for the Pats.

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