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A Sporting Experience

Pre Eaglebrook

2B1AD1F2-7F74-4931-8DC0-425C920E1146“Success is no accident it’s hard work.”

     Tomorrow is the big day. That was the only thought that was running through my head the night before our big soccer tournament at Eaglebrook. Eaglebrook is a big soccer tournament that about twelve private middle schools from New England compete in at the end of the fall. Suddenly my mom gets a email from Star that Eaglebrook had been canceled because their fields were completely flooded. 

This was really disappointing news to me because it meant that all the work we had done to prepare for Eaglebrook had gone to waste. It was especially upsetting to the people who leaving Fenn at the end of the year because they would never get to play in Eaglebrook. Although I was upset I knew I would have one final chance next year to show everyone what were made of.

One year later here we are, a few days before Eaglebrook preparing for what’s ahead of us. No one on the team has been to this tournament before, or for that matter a tournament like it because of the fast paced twenty minute games. We’ve been preparing for this the whole season, joking about how Star has a countdown from when final cuts are made for varsity to the final game at Eaglebrook but when we get their everyone will finally realize how competitive and tough of a tournament this is. Their are teams like Fessenden and Fay who are big time boarding schools who have some kids from all over the world, then you have one or two schools just like Fenn who are small day schools but have really good teams.

In my opinion there are two things that I would change about this tournament though and those are that it’s a very early wake up call. The bus leaves Fenn at about 6:30 then we have a two hour bus ride from there. Second is the timing, now I understand why the tournament is at the end of the year but it makes it so the tournament is always so cold like 40 degrees cold.

I’m really looking forward to playing in my first Eaglebrook game this Saturday and I hope we can come out on top.