Book Four Literary Analysis
Literary Analysis

Guest Speaker Reflection

Around the world

8D12967B-9679-403F-A13E-64E44E6D1583”Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

-Helen Keller


     As Fitz dragged the whole ninth grade to the library, so we could listen to one his good friends talk about who knows what I was thinking this could be the most pointless thing ever, or it could be kind of cool. 

He talked for a little bit about what he does and I was really interested especially when he started talking about the places that he goes to these trips he goes on. What I took away from this part of the presentation was that once you find your true passion there’s no looking back from there. What I mean by this is he talked about he really didn’t like school throughout his whole life, but then he went on a trip similar to the ones he takes people on nowadays and found his true passion for basically helping people out and exploring the world. I have always wanted to go explore different countries around the world and over the summer was the first time I was able to go to another country when I went to Canada. This all relates back to The Odyssey because all of the main characters are constantly on the move and exploring new places. 

The next thing we did was we separated into four groups and did an activity where we were all given a piece of paper that said who we were and what our objective was. To be honest at first I was really confused on what we were doing but as we started moving further into the activity I realized what exactly we were doing and what our end goal was. What I took away from this activity was that everyone needs help at some point whether it’s something small or something big. This activity relates to The Odyssey because in the activity one country came and helped another country and in The Odyssey because when all of the men come to land where other people are their first instinct is to help. 

The final part that I found really interesting was at the end when he asked one group to describe what the other type of people were like when they were helping them out and basically everyone said something negative about the other group. Then he made someone form each group read the sheet that the other group was given and those sheets said basically the same thing about the other group. This part doesn’t really relate to The Odyssey but I just found it really interesting that everyone was saying these things about each other just based off a sheet.

After listening to Adam talk and doing the activity we did I started to realize that everything is somehow related to the real world whether it’s something small or big.