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Daily Journal 3

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Mountain Biking


     A few years ago my brother and I friends started to get really into biking, we would bike all over town, every now and then we would bike to and back from the Harvard general store which is about fourteen miles in total. But we mainly got into trail biking, in Littleton and Harvard there are tons of trails.

All of these trails are pretty close to where I live, so there pretty easy to access. By now we know most of the trails by memory, so we’ve started to try to go off trail to find jumps and drops. Right when the official quarantine started my brother and I started to build a trail in the woods behind our house. We started this because less then two miles from our house there are at least fifty cases at a nursing home, so I’d rather not leave my street if I don’t have to. We started by building a roller (it’s basically a quick up down to help you get speed) out of sticks and dirt, we put a layer of dirt, then stacked logs and branches and then covered then covered those in dirt. We built a berm (something that you use to help on a tight turn or to just make the turn more fun) out of dirt. And lastly we built a jump and used a branch covered in dirt as the lip of the jump. We then later made a second roller and a drop right before the jump. A few days after we started building the trails we realized that it might be on our new neighbors property, but I don’t really care if it is because we used that area before there house was even there. Nonetheless I’ve still been looking for places to continue our trail or to make a second path.

I’m really looking forward to when the whole quarantine thing ends so our friends can come over and to ride the trail and to help us add on to the trail.