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Music Narrative

Music Narrative 

Music, Honestly, What is it to me


One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain

Bob Marley



      Voices from others can be irritating, and that’s why I listen to music with my headphones, to block out their irksome voices. When I’m walking through a crowd filled with bothersome kids or touchy and overprotective parents—which kinda annoy me—I put on my headphones listening to any type of rap, classical music or reggae to keep their voices out of my head and to keep me nice and calm.


Every morning I wake up in a usually down and pissy mood—a bad mix—when I walk over to my bus I have no intention to hear anyone’s voice. With my headphones on—blasting music—I don’t have to worry about hearing their voices. (Just a side note. Many people may be surprised since I seem like a calm and genuinely nice person, and that’s mostly true. However, sometimes people can piss me off. It’s not them, it’s just me. That’s just how I can be, and I don’t need to see a therapist, even though my mom says I should. I’m fine, I think. Don’t worry about me) Like right now—meaning as I’m typing up these words—I’m listening to music, so I can stay focused. My music is blocking out my classmates voices and screams that tend to annoy me. Irritated and gloomy, I waited for my bus. I stood on the sidewalk while thousands of cars sped down the road. No groan was louder when my bus came five minutes late as I walked up the stairs of the bus. As the bus ride went on my mood went from bad to ok—that’s simply because of two things—one, I didn’t have to listen to 25 other screaming boys and girls and two, I got listen to some nice music—when I mean by nice I mean rap (90’s and early 2000’s preferably) classical music but mostly some soothing and calming reggae. It doesn’t matter that I’m usually in a bad mood in the morning. It really didn’t matter that on the bus kids were screaming their heads off. What only mattered was that I have something to counter these two excruciating things with. That is... Music! (Do I sound phony? I want to be a more honest writer so give me your honest opinion)

Now, I’m not saying to completely isolate yourself from everyone, it’s really not healthy. What I’m saying is sometimes people suck. That’s all really. Music however, has helped me get through tough times since it can give me advice when I don’t want to talk with others. I really only have one example when I was interacting with people through music That I really enjoyed. That was when I was  in Jamaica listening to reggae with my dad’s Rastafarian friends. When I listen to reggae, that are songs about life, but not about the complexity or dullness of life—which I believe is a bit overused in modern music today—but the simplicity of life. The beauty of simplicity, and I love that. Especially that word—wow new favorite word—Simplicity. What I’m trying to say is music to me is like a shield of some sort to protect myself from the irritating noises of people. Unlike, a shield however—I mean I’ve never really held one—music has the power to not only block the sounds of the busy and loud world, but it also has the power to make you think of life in a new view. A simpler, more positive and optimistic view. At least reggae does.