Iambic Dimeter and Trimeter Poems
All Queit on the Western Front—Questions That Still Remain

The Power of Choices


A Choice to be Made


When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world 

-Timon, from The Lion King


      It’s your choice to let life knock you down, And it was my choice to stand up against the adversities of life. When my world was lonely and sad; when life was throwing everything at me, I knew I’d have to make a choice. Either let these setbacks be the wind that steers my boat, or to take charge of my boat, my fate, and steer the boat, my life, in the direction that I wanted it to go.

At no other time in my life was this as apparent as the past three years of my life, where I’ve gone through setback after setback like when my father was diagnosed with cancer.

Confused, depressed and uncertain of the future, I was laying on top of a bed in my grandparents house in Larino. Like a tornado thousands of emotions and questions were spinning through my mind, “Was my father going to die.” or “Am I going to be strong enough to get through this.” As a cause of all these questions and emotions, I felt despondent. However, that day I told myself that I wouldn’t let this setback, this evilness take over and take control of my life, and still now, as my father lays in his hospital bed. I stay strong by remembering the promise I made to myself, to never lose hope.

It didn’t matter that I’ve shed thousands and thousands of tears; It didn’t matter that life was giving me so much heartbreak, for it only matters that I smile through this storm called life.

Life to me, is a river with twists and turns, and at times it seems impossible to navigate through. However, it is your choice to let this monster called life knock you down, so get up and set your own course.