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The Power of Choices


A Choice to be Made


When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world 

-Timon, from The Lion King


      It’s your choice to let life knock you down, And it was my choice to stand up against the adversities of life. When my world was lonely and sad; when life was throwing everything at me, I knew I’d have to make a choice. Either let these setbacks be the wind that steers my boat, or to take charge of my boat, my fate, and steer the boat, my life, in the direction that I wanted it to go.

At no other time in my life was this as apparent as the past three years of my life, where I’ve gone through setback after setback like when my father was diagnosed with cancer.

Confused, depressed and uncertain of the future, I was laying on top of a bed in my grandparents house in Larino. Like a tornado thousands of emotions and questions were spinning through my mind, “Was my father going to die.” or “Am I going to be strong enough to get through this.” As a cause of all these questions and emotions, I felt despondent. However, that day I told myself that I wouldn’t let this setback, this evilness take over and take control of my life, and still now, as my father lays in his hospital bed. I stay strong by remembering the promise I made to myself, to never lose hope.

It didn’t matter that I’ve shed thousands and thousands of tears; It didn’t matter that life was giving me so much heartbreak, for it only matters that I smile through this storm called life.

Life to me, is a river with twists and turns, and at times it seems impossible to navigate through. However, it is your choice to let this monster called life knock you down, so get up and set your own course.

Iambic Dimeter and Trimeter Poems

The Weight of Dog


The way a dog  (a)

Sat down on me (b)

The weight of log (a)

Came down with fee (b)


A price of pain (c)

In thy right knee (b)

For this to wane (c)

This dog must flee (b)



At first—still a bit now—I had no clue how to use this new format, but after a while I got the hang of it. When I was thinking of what to write about I really had no clue. Until, my dog tried sitting on top of me, and when he did his paws dug in my right knee. Then I remembered when one of my friends dog—who weighs about 95 pounds—who tries sit down me, and when he did I was in lots of pain. After that it took about 30 minutes to complete, and I’m actually very satisfied with what I wrote.




The way a gal (a)

Smiles down on me (b)

The weight of dal (a)

Comes off with glee (b)


A feeling new  (c)

Comes from the dark(d)

A healing new  (c)

Makes a new mark (d)



This poem was very, very hard to write. Originally, I was going to write about how mean cats are, but I really couldn’t think of anything. All of a sudden I remembered when I was walking back home. Coming back home I was in a kinda bad mood, but all of a sudden a girl  smiled at me. For some reason this girls smile may me so happy. After that smile I knew for sure that my couldn’t worsen, and it didn’t. So really, a smile is really all it takes to make my day better—especially a girl’s smile. Another thing that made this poem really hard to write was that Fitz said that every line had to be four syllables, and that was pretty hard to comply with. However, I do think it helped with the overall flow of the poem.


Not the Answer


Money’s first need is key (a)

To ease the needs of thee  (a)

Too much and you are rich  (b)

The needs of thee to ditch (b)


Too much of it we sin (c)

A lust for power begins(c)

Forget persons first wish (d)

To live a life in bliss (d)


Money is not the key  (a)

To live ones life in glee (a)

Only love and delight (e)

Will bring true joy to light  (e)



Surprisingly, this poem was a bit easier to write than the other two poems. For the 45 minutes it took to write, the first ten minutes were the hardest. Until, I remembered a video a saw the other day about a guy—who is known for flaunting his money—that throws away his money and says, “money can’t buy happiness.” After that I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. I wanted to write about how money can’t buy you happiness, and that is because happinesses is priceless. Yes, I did say that the more money we get the greedier we become, and that’s not always true. There are many wonderful and caring people who have lots of money. I guess this was written to show that even the richest people on earth are not the richest in love or happiness. Sometimes, you can find people richest in love and happiness in the poorest parts of earth.  So really, money is not medicine to cure the sickness of loneliness or depression. It was quite easy since I spent another ten minutes thinking about how I want my poem to be constructed. I actually enjoy writing poetry, and sure, it’s  hard at the beginning, but good things will come sooner or later. Not just for poetry, but in life as well.