Chapter 6 AQOTWF Literary Reflection
The Power of Friendship

AQOTWF—Chapter 7 Questions and Socratic Ideas

Questions That Still Remain From CH7, and What I’d Like to Talk About During The Socratic 



       Chapter 7 had it similarities and differences from the previous chapter that were action packed. When Paul returned to his home town he seemed ostracized, but in a way no one was forcing it. Moreover, I believe it’s his experience in war that makes him feel apart from anywhere but the front. Apart from society. I would like to talk about how war has affected so many lives, but not just physically but also mentally. Like when he thought that some of the sounds of his town where bombs coming for him. I also want to talk about the, “Lost Generation.” I do believe this was a very prevalent theme, for that old man—the one he had a drink with—kept on thinking that he was right. Right that the war was right, and they were fighting for freedom. No. They were fighting for greed. For the greed of men that only care for themselves. That man actually made me feel so angry, and it was a feeling of indignation. That man also brought up a question to me. What the point. The point of war. There’s no point. All wars fought now are because of wars of the past, and countless lives are lost. No matter how you look at war it never solves the problem because one problem shows up because of it. Violence creates violence. I want to talk about how greed and hate have been the engines that have powered wars for thousands of years. I really want to know if other people share my ideals. The ideals that war never solves anything. It only creates more problems.