All Quiet on the Western Front—Literary Analysis
AQOTWF—Chapter 7 Questions and Socratic Ideas

Chapter 6 AQOTWF Literary Reflection

We All Have It, We All Are



You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.'

-Eleanor Roosevelt 


       Fears never leave, they linger. Even after reading All Quiet on the Western Front, I’m still petrified to my soul, it still painted a petrifying picture of death, a death that horrifying like the monster that sat under your bed. My memory of the cold hand of death came like a bommerang—coming back at me at full speed. Reading All Quiet On The Western Front Chapter 6 frightened me to an extent that I had to put the book down and take a break; scenes like, “Beside me a lance-corporal has his head torn off .” painted a gruesome picture in my head, and even after I swiped out of IBooks, the thoughts of all those deaths in chapter six still lingered in my mind. I started reading Chapter six as any other chapter, little did I know that this chapter was going to send me on an emotional roller coaster, full of twist and turns, all going at full speed. I had to look for themes, I had to highlight important passages and—every once in a while—highlight the words I don’t know the meaning of. The more that I read the more that I realized the gravity of the chapter because I learned that the French were about to attack. I started to say out loud how gross and disturbing some scenes were, “By morning they will be pale and green and their blood congelead and black.” I was scared for these young men who have barley experienced life must go through these horrible events—especially since they have no place in a meaningless battle in a meaningless war; however, through all of my struggles through all my emotions rushing out of me like the water of Niagara Falls. I kept reading. I accepted that I was reading a depressing book, and I knew I had to keep reading no matter how horrendous it was. At the end I thought I was away from these frightening thoughts; however, that was not the case at all. Like an old dog these horrifying memories came coming back.Every chapter I have to find important quotes and scenes that are woven throughout the book, and to my surprise I could relate to some of the young soldiers—who were petrified by their first battle due to all the death and destruction they had just witnessed,“On every yard there lies a dead man.” Several weeks ago when my father died, and When I touched his hand it was cold. Lifeless. Death felt scary, cold and lonely. After reading chapter six, the memory of death, of his death came back. Back to haunt me. This chapter found a way to remind me that I’m still scared, and that my fear of the cold hand of death will always linger till it finally take you away. Before reading chapter six I wasn’t aware of my frights, but after reading it I felt scared and frightened. Still now, I’m petrified and now I know that it will always linger somewhere in the back of my mind. This chapter taught me that we’re always a little paranoid, but that’s the human in us.