The Power of Friendship
Chapter 8 Literary Analysis

Chapter 8 Metacognition

A Chapter Full of Sorrow

B49E84A2-BAA5-45D0-B500-72166DA0DDB9Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die.

Herbert Hoover


       Though Chapter 8 was very short unlike most so far; however, like most chapters so far, Chapter 8 was filled with many sad scenes. Sad secenes like when we saw the Russian Soliders—who were so thin and lifeless—having daily funerals for their fallen comrades. Through all of this more and more do I begin to realize and how sad and horrible war and the affects of it during and after on it’s soliders. In all, it was really sad to see all these soliders who knew they could noting. Hopeless they were. However, it was heartwarming to see Paul trying to help these soliders. Even if they’re part of different armies, they are on the same team. The human race. All of that wa really sad, but I’d say the scene where I could relate to the most was when Paul said, The doctors hope she will recover, but we have never heard of cancer being cured”[Chapter 8 AQOTWF] Within the past two years I’ve known many people who have lost their lives to cancer, and two of those people were my dad and my grandfather. It’s funny because that exactly what my mother said to me a week before my father died, “The doctors said he’s getting better.” Deep down I knew he wasn’t. He was lost. He couldn’t be cured.