AQOTWF—Chapter 7 Questions and Socratic Ideas
Chapter 8 Metacognition

The Power of Friendship

When Times Change, they Never Change


A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out

– Walter Winchell

       No matter the circumstances a true friend remains, and it was my friend who never left my side when all went wrong. When I felt confused and lost in this vast world, I knew that my best friend would never leave my side and support me through the twists and turns of life, for he has been at my side, supporting me and comforting me since day one. At no other time in my life was I in need of his comfort and support than when I felt sad and confused after my father had died. Lost, confused and heartbroken, I sat down on a chair that was right next to my dad’s cold and deceased body. A flood of emotions and memories of my time with my father flooded my mind, and of course, tears came down my cheeks. No smile was more comforting and heartwarming than his; No arms were wider than his that stretched around to give me a hug as he pulled me into his arms I felt comforted and found. I had found my way. At least he had shown me a way. A way through the fallacies of life. A compass had been given to me to navigate through the storm I was currently in. It didn’t matter that I had just lost one of my best friends—my father. It didn’t matter that I felt lost and confused in this large and confusing world, and it didn’t matter that I felt weak and hopeless. It only mattered that my best friend—Liam.H—was there to lend me his strength, and it was a strength that brought light into my room that was dark and bleak. A true friend is one who lends you their strength when you have none, and I will do the same. That is the power of friendship. It never dies. Even after the last breath we take in our life.