Narrative Paragraph About a Teacher

A Reflection

A Journey Coming to an End


Show me The Universe, and I’ll give you a pebble, give me a pebble, and I’ll show you the universe 



       Windsor Mountain, it was a time of new awakening and realization. The bond fire, I still remember it so perfectly. The sound of the fire cracking, and the stars twinkling on the night sky. I opened up, I told those who stood around the fire what I felt, and I wasn’t made fun of. No, it was quite the opposite. People followed my lead. They opened up, I reflected that this was our last year, and I wanted it to go by so fast; however, I wanted to cherish every last second of it. Windsor Mountain set the tone for they year, for this was going to be a year awakening, realization and loss.


Classics, a book everyone’s heard about, but never read. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, ambiguous language, but a story of kid who loves life and loves being in it. Lord of the Flies, a boys lust for power and how they act without supervision. On the outside just innocent little boys, but when the beats inside them awakes, all hell breaks loose. A fire awakes like the one that burned across the jungle comes and leaves everything to ashes. Evolution? maybe we look a bit different, but that beast inside of us has never changed. We are just as savage as we were, for that is our true nature. Catcher in the Rye, what’s the point why am I here and who cares. It was bleak and depressing, but it was the story of someone who was so lost yet so right. The way society portrays how one should act, but Holden, he knew the truth, he acted how he did. He didn’t care, and why should he? Why should I? All Quiet On the Western Front, it is not an adventure because for those who stand face to face with death it is anything but an adventure. I learned about a lost generation. They had life, and they were about live a beautiful one. Sadly, that was taken away from them. No one will ever understand. They simply will be cast aside, and let to rot. 


At the beginning of the year I couldn’t write. I wasn’t very good, but I had to work at it. I realized that the two years of tutoring was incomparable towards fitz, for he is something special. He’s unique, and that’s all I needed. I didn’t need to learn all these little tips and tricks that my tutor always tried to teach me; all I needed was someone to help me look inside of myself, and find the writer in myself. I learned from fitz that the best teacher is yourself. You know yourself more than anybody else, so just let your mind drift. Find yourself, it may take some time, but it’s great. Now that I better understand myself, my writing has improved in a way I never could’ve imagined it. However, imagination has two sides. Beautiful self awakening, but also self deprecating depression. 


It was a beautiful summer morning at the beach, a beautiful girl at my side and a beautiful sunset. I felt at peace. It was the closet thing to heaven, but this wasn’t reality. I woke up, there was no beach in sight. Only snow, it covered everything. Instead of a beautiful sunset, there was no light. There was nothing. Instead of warmth and light. There was snow and no sun. I was alone, no girl at my side. In this world filled with billions of people, I was alone. So incredibly alone. When pleasure fills, and dances with daffodils you feel amazing. It is blissful, but when come back to reality comes back. It is not bliss that fills, no. It is sadness.


Five years ago I set out on a journey. It was a new culture, something I had no clue what to expect. In those years I’ve had thousands of different experiences. Whether  it was awaking, saddening or blissful, they have all taught me. Awakening, like Windsor Mountain, or like the classics. The journeys of life. Adventure, human nature, meaning and the fragile essence of life. These books, they have showed  me incredible and life changing lessons. They are unlike anything else. Sadness, when my dad died, or when my grandfather died. Nothing gold can stay. No matter how much we love someone they will die, and that’s just life. We cannot change it, so make sure life is filled with bliss. Cherish every moment with those you love. In my five years I’ve learned so much, and I’m sad that I’m leaving. However, life doesn’t wait for you. This is the end of my chapter year, but now, a new chapter is to be written.