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All Quiet on the Western Front Video Essay

Chapter 11&12 Metacognition

The End of  the Road 




The rifles are caked, the uniforms caked, everything is fluid and dissolved, the earth one dripping, soaked, oily mass in which lie yellow pools with red spiral streams of blood and into which the dead, wounded, and survivors slowly sink down.

-Paul(AQOTWF—Chapter 11)



       It's truly sad, really. The more time I think the more and more empathetic I feel towards Paul. He was just starting to live his life, but then he was lost, the lost generation. This book really is something else, and it’s such a sad and depressing book. Chapters eleven and twelve may have been short, but they still packed so much emotion. It made me so sad how Paul tried so desperately to save his last comrade, but he was unable. This book didn’t have a happy ending, it had a realistic ending, death. Death is the end. At the beginning of chapter eleven Paul described the war as type of disease, and that’s so true. It is something that takes, and almost never gives. I thought Detering’s escapa was going to be successful, and he could live a life in peace that every person deserves. He was caught, and to me that was heartbreaking. There probably been so many examples in history where someone was fighting a meaningless war that they not part in, and all they wanted to come back home. What Paul said, “Anyone might have known that his flight was only homesickness and a momentary aberration. But what does a court-martial a hundred miles behind the front-line know about it? We have heard nothing more of Detering.”
After these chapters I gotten a new sense of thankfulness. I’m glad that I most likely won’t have to go to war and throw my life away. I’m glad that I can live my life like all should be. I’m thankful that everyday I can return to my family, and that I don’t have to worry about fighting a war. Out of all the chapters, Chapter elven amazingly showed the pain that these soliders were going through. The times when they were glad they were dying was so confusing yet eye opening. Why would they want death—the thing they’ve been avoiding their whole left—take them, for they are lost. Unretrivavle. They will never be themselves again, for this war has forever changed them.