Literary Analysis Paragraph on Short Story
A Reflection

Narrative Paragraph About a Teacher


The Greatest Gift




The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. 


-William Arthur Warg



       Inspiration, the greatest thing a teacher can give to his/hers students, and it was Fitz who inspired to find my way as a writer. When I felt confused as a writer; when I could barley express my feeling with my words, I learned that a teacher couldn’t teach me to be a great writer, but rather  inspire me to look deep down in myself and find the writer in me that I has such trouble finding.

At no other time in my life was this more obvious than after my first month of eight grade English with Fitz.

Worried and scared that my writing was incompetent for eight grade English, I stood outside of Fitz’s English class; however, Fitz taught the class in a way that was so different compared to any other English teacher. Whether it was with his long rants about classics, his philosophic like sayings about life, one of my favorite sayings of his, “Show me the universe and I’ll show you a rock, but show me a rock and I’ll show you the universe,”or even his stories about his life that seemed to good to be true—especially for an English teacher—it was all these things That lead me think with more depth, take risks with my writing and something I never thought would be possible, write for fun. After about a month of school I felt like I was writing with my emotions. I could finally express myself.

It didn’t matter that I was scared of eighth grade English, and It didn’t matter that I felt that I couldn’t express my emotions through writing. It only mattered that Fitz inspired me to become a better writer.

My writing, my “philosopher like mind” and who I am today, I mostly owe to fitz. Without fitz I don’t think my perspective on life would be the same. However, he never taught me how to write or how to love one’s life. No. Rather, he inspired me with his words. He inspired me to become better writer and human being overall. His most paramount gift to me was his inspiration