The Power of Friendship


The best friend

Great friends are like extra siblings. I’d say my friend is even better than a sibling. He helps me out a lot when my parents don’t let me do something and argues my point for me. 

    One Saturday night at around 10, I was over at my friend's house in his basement. His mom asked me if I wanted to sleep over since I was there for so long. I told her I didn’t know and I'll ask my parents. After a little bit my friend kept bugging me and telling me I should ask my mom if I could sleep over, but I didn’t want to call, because I knew she would say no. My parents never let me sleep over at anyone’s house in case something went wrong. Then, my mom called me and told me she was picking me up soon. 

    He told me now was my chance and that I should ask her. I thought it was pointless, but I did it anyway, and as I predicted, she said no. He told me to hand him the phone, I was hesitant in fear he would say something wrong. But instead he respectfully debated my point for why I should be able to sleep over. It seemed like she was wavering and started to consider it. At the end of the call she decided that I can have sleepovers when I am 15 years old, which is a win in my book. 

    After this incident I viewed him in a new light, it was like I had a newfound respect for him. I was so glad he helped me out when he didn’t need to that I started doing anything he asked me to, no matter what it was. He did what my siblings wouldn’t do, and I gained a new respect for him. He’s more than a friend, he's like a brother, and if possible, I'll never let him go. After what he’d done for me that day, I decided that I was always going to have his back, and be like a brother to him.

The Power of Family


Surprising treatment from my father

”Home is where you are loved the most and act the worst”

Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Your family will never fail to surprise you. It was my father who had surprised me in this case. He would always do what’s best for me even when he was mad, and I didn’t listen to him. Whenever I did something I knew my father wasn’t going to like I knew he would be disappointed, and that would cut deep. On the day after my sleep away camp when my mom came to pick me up, I was like a zombie. I hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep the night before, and I wasn’t functioning like normal. My dad is big on sleep and thinks it is very important, so the drive back home I dreaded being in his presence in my current state. As I walked in the door I kept my head down awaiting the punishment he would dish out, only he didn’t. He laughed and said he thought this would happen, and told me to go get some rest and that I could stay home from school tomorrow. He didn’t care that I had done something he didn’t approve of, and betrayed his trust. All that had mattered for him was that I came home safe and sound. For these being my first nights away from home being sleep deprived were the least of his worries. In his eyes that was the best outcome. You think you know them as they are your family but some choices they make will come as a surprise and leave you bewildered.


Dear Jean Peeters,

How’s life? Mines going well, nothing crazy or out of the ordinary and nothing particularly fun. Playing a lot of basketball, school fun. I hope you have something fun going on in your life. In English we are reading a cool book called Poet X.

    The book is about a girl named Xiomara who lives in Harlem, New York, and is written in poems. The girl has a twin brother named who she calls “Twin” and grows up in a very religious household. Her view on the world is changing because she is coming into adulthood and she is in a constant battle with herself and her mother about the changing of her body and mind.

    So far I think the book is pretty good. The only problem I have with it is that it’s not my style, I prefer more science fiction and fantasy books. Some poems I don’t understand at all and I don’t think make sense. Some are very boring and I think I shouldn't be in there. I don’t like reading books in poems. I've tried it before and haven’t finished the books.

    One poem I really like is Okay?. It really jumps out at me. I think this poem describes her relationship with her brother the best. The poem is about how her brother didn’t help her when multiple men were hitting her in the train. Some quotes that best show this poem are:

Doesn’t he know how tired I am? How much I hate to be so sharp tongued and heavy-    handed?


A good line quote for this poem is “And neither of us has to say

We are disappointed in the other”. A good phrase quote is “This love and distaste I feel for him”.


That's Everything going on in my life so far, nothing special. Hope yours is going better. 




Jaxson Terry