NBA Awards

My NBA Awards Predictions

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    As we know the NBA season has been suspended as well the other major sports season. What I will be doing is going through all of the awards and predicting who will win. First off the rookie of the year. I think this award will go to Ja Morant. Ja averaged 18 points and 7 assists per game. Zion Williamson would have won if he had played the whole, but he missed almost half of it. Next defensive player of the year. I* think this award will go to Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers. Second would be Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks. 6th man of the year. This award is given to the best player who comes off the bench and doesn't start in games. This award I believe will go to Dennis Schroder of the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is averaging an incredible 19 points and 4 assists off the bench. Second place would Lou Williams of the LA Clippers. The most improved player would be Brandon Ingram of New Orleans Pelicans. He averaged 18 points last year and this year he is averaging about 24. this is a massive improvement. Second place would be Bam Adebayo of the Miami Heat. Coach of the year I believe will go to Nick Nurse of the Toronto Raptors he led his team to a two seed after losing their star player. Second place would be Mike Budenholzer of the Milwaukee Bucks. Now MVP. I believe that the MVP will be the Milwaukee Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo he is averaging about 30 points per game and 14 rebounds per game. He is the obvious choice he has led his team to a 53-12 record and the best record in the NBA. Second place would probably be LeBron James he led his team to the second-best team in the NBA and having an amazing team passing wise. Lastly the NBA finals well if it happens. I think the finals will be Celtics vs. Lakers. I think the Celtics would win in six or seven games. I just think the Celtics have too much star power with Tatum, Walker, Brown, and Hayward. They have already beaten the Lakers by a big margin this year. Hopefully, this season will be salvaged and there will be more basketball

Patriots Back On Track 


Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore intercepting Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton


 By Rory Kennealy



    After a well-needed bye week for the Patriots, the Patriots traveled to Philadelphia to play the Eagles. A sloppy first half for the Patriots was not what Patriots fans wanted to see. On the first drive of the second half, the Patriots dialed up the trick play. Tom Brady tossed the ball to Julian Edelman who threw the ball to Phillip Dorsett in the endzone. This was the only touchdown for the Patriots. The Patriots defense played as well as they have in the second half shutting out the Eagles in the second half. The Patriots won 17-10. 

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The GM search

the GM search


Dave dombrowski is out. The RedSox need a new general manager. They have isolated a few candidates, Andrew Friedman, Chaim bloom and others. The big question has to be whether they can find one before the off-season. If the redsox cant find a new GM they will have to pull a manager or assistant GM into the mix as an interim GM. 



Patriots versus Ravens

Pass or Fail The Patriots First real Test




By Rory Kennealy



    Coming into the game the Patriots had the number one scoring offense and the number one scoring defense in the NFL. The Ravens however had the number 2 scoring offense powered by quarterback Lamar Jackson. Jackson who is a second year quarterback out of Louisville has run 115 times this year for 788 yards. The Patriots defense came into the game knowing they had to contain the Ravens run game. This task soon came too big for the Patriots defense. The Ravens offense led by Lamar Jackson tore the Patriots defense putting up 37 points and running for 210 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Patriots offense looked out of place and slow there were no big plays and they looked slow as could be. They ran for 74 yards partly due to the Patriots inexperienced and out of place offensive line. The Patriots were 8-0 coming into this game with no real tests. The Ravens showed that the Patriots only won because they hadn’t played a good team yet. The Patriots look to bounce back in 2 weeks after the bye week against the 4-5 Philadelphia Eagles.

The Start of the Celtics’ Season

By: William O’Malley

        The Celtics have swept the NBA by storm in the first 3 weeks of NBA action. They have claimed the number 1 seed in the NBA with a record of 8-1. Although they recently suffered an injury from Gordon Hayward, they seem very confident still after just pulling out with a win against the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks have a great dynamic duo in the young star, Luka Doncic, along with their other European player Kristaps Porzingis, who is starting this year for the first time since his injury on the Knicks. Hayward’s injury is expected to last 6 weeks after he had a successful surgery, and is now resting at the presence of his 3 daughters. His expected return game is supposed to be on Christmas Day, in a rematch against the Toronto Raptors, who we already beat this season. Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, and Gordon Hayward all looked to be the 3 clear stars on the Celtics to start the season, but as of lately, Jaylen Brown has been a star, leading the Celtics in their last few games and proving the haters wrong after his incredibly large contract extension that he recently signed with the Celtics. We can only hope that they continue this amazing run and have an amazing season that will surprise most people.

Whats happening in the farm?

whats happening in the RedSox farm system?



The RedSox season is over. The baseball season is over and not its time to see what happening in Pawtucket. The scouts are working double time to Find potential prospects. The image above is of Jason Groome, a 12th overall pick by the RedSox in 2016. He is playing for the single a short season spinners and is in rehab after Tommy john last year. 

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The nats won here’s how

The nationals won in 7!


935FA3CD-5DD8-4123-BE56-163123AE1B51The nationals holding the trophy


the nationals fought hard, pushing through injury and losses. They had max sherzer there Ace pitcher who pitched game 7 reported on Wednesday 2 days before, he couldn’t raise his right elbow. He got a pain injection and got pitched a record game 7. The Astros scored in the second after a solo bomb by Yule gurriel.


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Patriots halfway point

8 and 0 With Room To Improve 

By Rory Kennealy


   The Patriots are off to a hot start this year starting 8-0. One of two undefeated teams in the NFL the other is the 49ers led by our old friend Jimmy Garoppolo. The season started with a 33-3 dismantling of the Pittsburgh Steelers on the banner raising night. The Patriots defense showed how good they were by allowing three points to a really good offense.

    The next week the Patriots took a trip down to Miami to play the dolphins. The week before the dolphins lost 59-10 to the Baltimore Ravens. The Patriots (who have struggled in Miami) were looking for a big win. After starting off slow the Patriots put up 30 points in the second half. Two touchdowns were scored by the defense.

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From 2-0 to 2-2 the nationals choke.

the nationals choke. 






if you follow Major League Baseball you know the world series is happening. You also probably know about the astros going from 2 losses and no wins to 3 wins and 2 losses in 3 games! If the nationals win tomorrow than we have game 7 in Houston and whoever wins wins. We have verlander pitching for Houston and Strasbourg for D.C. 

Nats 2 Astros zip

The astros are losing the World Series and are projected to get swept by the nationals. The bats are playing in dc tonight at, 8:07PM in dc. 

We know that Aníbel Sanchez is pitching for the nats and Zach Greinke is pitching for Houston.  both pitches had good postseasons so far. The lineups for both teams are not available at the Monet but should be in the future.