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The Power of Respect

The Power of Friendship

The Power of Friendship

1 bus. 6 friends. 11 hours.


“There’s not a word yet for old friends you’ve just met.”

- Jim Henson


     Shared experience is the foundation of friendship. On an eleven-hour bus ride with 40 of my classmates, my friends and I had just that. This March on the 7th grade Washington, DC trip, four or five of my friends and I all sat together, backpacks filled with snacks and Office episodes, ready to sit back and melt the boring hours before we could arrive in the capital. That ended up being emphatically not the case. Fast forward to 6:30 PM in northern Maryland, and we’re stir crazy, filled with sugar, and are... well, 13 year old boys with nothing to do. I don’t remember how it started or many of the specifics, but what I do have are photos and sensory overload. My friends and I would scream into each others’ ears, go on long sugar-fueled rants about everything and everything, and shine phone flashlights at unassuming classmates. Max Merhige had brought a bag of oranges, which he proceeded to hurl at us, Will Simon sang a nonsensical song about who knows what, and Eli made inappropriate jokes. This exultation of immaturity has a much more important message than what you would be forgiven for assuming. Our DC trip, especially the bus ride, truly melded my friends and I together, leaving us closer than ever. Those dumb jokes, those teenage antics, changed us from people we’re friendly with to true, long-lasting, friends.


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Max Merhige (the one in the pic)

I hate you

Nick Brady

This was very well written, and I could practically hear your fiends rambunctiously passing the time on the bus, as If I were still there. You also used your vocabulary to your advantage, which added greatly to the piece.


This was a very well written piece Max. Although I was on the other bus, with less of my friends, it was still a very relatable read. You used some great vocab and your story really flowed, overall a very good piece, great job!

Colin Soukup

I think showed dudes being dudes, being immature, hilarious, (in your mind) which made the story really fun.

Rory Kennealy

we had very different experiences with this this ride felt like an eternity with my friends. we must have been on different busses because my bus practically silent.

Oliver Ali

This is a great piece of writing, Max. It is crazy how in the short span of nine hours, five guys can turn into five true, long lasting friends. I liked how you used the rule of three when describing what you did on the bus. If you were to list the events one by one, it would’ve been very repetitive, and I would’ve gotten bored immediately. Great job, Max.

Sean Leahy

Too bad I was on the other bus! That sounds like an awesome time. The vagueness you added while talking about what each of you were doing almost made the story better in a sense. Great job! (I also really like the image)


I feel attacked; however, this piece was very vivid in imagery! I’m no sure if it was simply because I was there, but the detailing you did really let me visualize the story.

Jamie Book

Your bus sounded like it was a ton of fun! I also can remember all of the memories I made on the bus ride. It is amazing how many memories can be made on a nine hour bus ride. Great job!


I really like your use of vagueness, because it made us guess on what you guys did on that trip. I also like your details, and your perfect comma skills. Good Job

William O'Malley

I loved how relatable this was, because it came as a surprise for most of us, that the bus ride was actually one of the highlights of the trip, and how our friends made something like that enjoyable.

Max Merhige

I still have nightmares from that bus ride.

The paragraph was very well written, with descriptive adjectives, while also keeping the story vague. Good job.

Eli Zahavi

Bus 2 gang! I plead the 5th
Seriously, great writing. This is a good compilation of the entire trip. On long ride to no destination.

Yoni Ghansah

That bus ride was extremely fun even if I wasn’t on you bus, I think the fun that we all shared in the DC trip was mutual, Nice Work.



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